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Thread: Is this girl a sissy lover?

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    Default Is this girl a sissy lover?

    Okay so I am dealing with this situation that has really got my had spinning and turning....I am doing this group project for one of my classes. In my group, there is an exchange student from Germany, she is actually quit cute and has pretty good english for the short time she has known it.

    Anyways to the point is we were sitting discussing about a skit we had to do for a situation of employees blogging at work, and how it could turn out bad and how to prevent it from being bad. As we discussed who was going to be what character, this german girl blurts out "I think he should be cynthia!" while looking and slightly smiling at me. Everyone gives a short laugh and says okay, and I agreed too a bit hesitantly saying, "if you really want me to." Then later in the conversation we discussed props and she said I shoul wear a girls wig for the skit too. No one else really commented on that, as she was still stuck on this idea of me playing a girl, but no one else seemed to care or find it funny anymore.

    When I left the group that day I thought the possibility of her being a girl who likes sissies, specially since she was from germany and they are a lot more sexually open over there in general, and kinks are more common or at least more openly discussed there. So well I thought briefly about it then brushed the idea off. Except the next day when our group met again we were discussing characters again and she randomly looks over at me and says "I think you should wear a dress too!" as she smiles and turns away after I respond "sure if you want."

    That REALLY got me wondering about her now, so what is everyone's opinion, is she getting turned on by the idea of having me be a girl, and dressing me up like one? Or do you think she is just joking around trying to be funny? Personally I never seen a girl joke about dressing up a guy in girls clothes, well I have but not for a stretched out conversation more than one day. If she is interested in it enough to bring it up 2 days in a row, she must like the idea of it a lot.

    Now I am no sissy, but I would be willing to try for her, if she did things for me! ;-)

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    ...Dude. I don't mean to be a jackass, but I think you are WAY off. She said she wants you to be a girl, and naturally, have a girlish wig. I call a few of my friends absurd names, and usually insist that they are who I say they are, doesn't mean I get turned on by the thought of them being chickens (yes, they are all some kind of foul).

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    You're putting too much thought into the situtation. Evidently, everyone in your group thought it was funny to make you play the female role for a laugh, and if you play a female, you have to look like one - wig and everything. I fail to see where the sexual element comes into play here, no matter where the girl comes from.
    I mean if you had sat in a bar together and the girl had asked you to go and get a drink for her, you surely wouldn't have considered that a clear signal that she's a dominatrix and wants a male sex slave.


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    Do it, ask her. Ask her if she likes girly men. If she says no, guess what she will say, "Why would you ask that?" Respond, "Iono."

    No harm done to either you, her, or your chances of getting with her.

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    Yeah, I think you are a tad over thinking it... The only time you can safely say she likes it is to come right out and be blunt...
    Which results in one of two things... having a high heel show jammed in your temple...
    You find an smexical roll play partner and you fall in love.. and live by the sea... and bang each others brains out every night!

    If you do this, I really hope you like diapers and colorings books... because thats all your gonna be getting for Christmas after that. And, not in a good way either.

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    Girls often find amusement in guys dressing like girls.
    She was probably kidding around, although perhaps she likes you.

    Being European doesn't make everything a girl says mean that they are suggesting something sexual, although I wish it did.

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    I think you're reading way to far into this!

    I think she probably just wants a good laugh.

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    Hmmm I am still suspicious, because the second day she brought it up, no one laughed about it, not even here, when she brought up me wearing a dress. In fact no one said anything about it or even giggled about it, not even her, all I got was a smile from her. So no one was encouraging this and dragging on this except for her by the second day.

    Oh yeah and on that second day she brought it up, it was the first time I actually talked to her privately. She approached me. so I walked out to her car just started talking about her country and our countries differences. So she does seem slightly interested in me, and if thats the case, I do not understand why a girl who likes a guy would bring up dressing him up like a girl on more than one occasion, unless she is into that kind of thing. She never really did laugh about it, not even the first time she brought it up, only my group laughed the first time, and the second day she talked about it, they completly ignored it, she was the only stuck on it. So I am pretty sure she was not doing it to be funny.

    Speaking of girls sending hints, and flirting, they rarely do with a guy, and when they do its usually so suttle you can't tell if its an advance or just friendly remark. This kind of shit is what makes me not even bother pursuing girls cause they make it like a game, and I am not here to play guessing games on what they want.

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    Nice to see you here again, Eclipse. I think you should ask just her. If you can find a moment of relative privacy, and you are truly interested in her as a person and not just a casual, sexual conquest, you could say something like," If I were to wear a wig and a dress, would your opinion of me change? Would something like that prevent us from being friends?, because I think you are a very interesting person and I would like to get to know you better." The way she answers you will let you know if she is interested in you or not. If she is, play it slow and see what developes. If she seems uninterested, then she becomes just another person that you interact with in the classroom setting. There's my two-cents.

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