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Thread: what came first and which is better pokemon or digimon ?

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    Default what came first and which is better pokemon or digimon ?

    Hi its me again with another thread lol

    I was wondering what people think about digimon and pokemon and which people think is best. I also wondered if people knew which of the two came first ?



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    I agree I liked both I miss digimon I only watch it in reruns where pokemon is still on. Oh and digimon I believe was put out by the mouse with the house.

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    I still own Pokemon on VHS, I own the first two seasons of Digimon on DVD. I love them both, but if you tied my hands and made me decide, I would pick Digimon.

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    If i would need to decide, i'd choose Pokémon. Digimon is great too, of course!
    But Pokémon has been a bigger part of my late childhood, simply.

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    Default Re: what came first and which is better pokemon or digimon ?

    Pokemon! I choose you!

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    Pokemon came first by one year, I've always preferred the Pokemon for games but Digimon had the better anime so I like both series but Pokemon will always be my preferred choice and the sheer number of hours I have clocked on the games over the last 13 years is testament to that.

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    I never really watched Digimon but have always loved Pokemon. I watched the anime for years and I actually regret the fact that I stopped watching it (I've never been good about watching TV shows as they air). I've kept playing the games since.

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    I like digimon, but I love pokemon! I have logged so many hours on those games. That said, I do like playing the very first digimon world game too!


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