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Thread: Where did you get your plushie

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    Default Where did you get your plushie

    What size is your plushie what store or website did you get them from and what kind of plushie is it

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    I have two, one is Barney and I have had it since I was young and he is about medium sized and the other is Uppy and he is a Uglydoll from Toys R Us, and he is a little larger than Barney.

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    My newest one a MLP derpy i got from a furry con i just went to. My Best (a blue bunny) one i got from my friend as a plush trade so we wont for get each other. My two bears i got from a place called the barn. The rest i got over time from ebay or some random store.

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    My favorite plushie is pink(haha yep) and his name is Bright Heart. I have had him since i was born in the hospital. I couldn't live without him. I also have a bear which is yellow. His name is frankie(after my favorite footballplayer, Frank Lampard.) I also have a grey bear. His name is Eddy England, Finally i have a little puppy like teddy Hes called ralf. I love all my teddys than anything else in the world. I got Eddy England from oneofthose arcade machines. I have had Frankie since i was born too.
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    My current teddy I bought in Hamleys in London (an awesome store - biggest toy store in the world and a floor just for stuffed animals). Normal teddy bear size. My other teddy is one I had from when I was a baby - so who knows where he came from!

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    My teddy has been with me for as long as I can remember, and I got him as a gift from Nanny (she passed away shortly after my Birthday in 1999). I really want to get a leopard or snow leopard plushie, maybe for my b-day......

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    I have too many to even begin to write where I got them all, but the one I sleep with every single night is nicknamed "Sally" , she's a giraffe that is about 2 feet long, and she has to be the comfiest pillow ever . I got her at walmart for $10.


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    Default Re: Where did you get your plushie

    A friend got almost all of mine for me.

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    my mom have got me almost all my plushies for me i have one i had since i was born that i sleep with every night

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