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    im thinking about wearing them when me and friends go to "mall day" i kinda feel a thrill of knowing ill be wearing diapers when im with them and they wont you wear when your with friends?

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    No, I'm way too nervous to do that

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    Its not like your friends would ever know. Unless someone was to pull your pants down, there was a medical emergency or you had a serious leak there would be no way that they would notice. You will be in a busy public place so there is no chance of hearing it crinkle, not that people immediately associate that sound with a diaper anyway. And people usually don't stare at your crotch so wouldn't notice any abnormalities in shape.

    Them 3 things I mentioned above are a risk at all times, and are unlikely to happen at all. If it did happen they are your friends, so you would have to hope for the best, and if it helps you, come up with some random excuse if you were discovered if you think it would make a difference to you.

    I have wore diapers most of my life. The only time I have been discovered is if they have seen it or if I have told them, except once when a college friend decided to randomly stick her hand down my pants (I have no idea either so don't ask) She got a shock. I confirmed to her that it was a diaper and things were awkward until the next break when she asked a question and assumed incontinence herself. (I am incontinent, but I'm pretty sure most people would assume that too for the average ABDL, making it a bit easier for yourself if found out)

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    Watch out for those friends that like to grab your butt. In my case it was my wife's friend, she grabbed my butt and then gave me a very puzzled look. She has been known to do this to the other guys in the group but she no longer tries to grab mine. Bottom line if anyone notices they will most likely be to embarrassed to say anything.

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    I just started wearing with friends and I love it. I keep it discreet and I don't draw any attention to it but I make sure it covered and I wear some underwear over the diaper just in case. Trust me you friends will not know unless you act out of the ordinary or if you show it to them.
    Only one friends knows because he was somehow to randomly guess it some how.

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    Wearing in public or with friends actually has not been much of a "thrill" for me. I enjoy it because I like wearing and, as a student, I am usually in public. But it is very easy to be discreet. There is no sound under clothes. No one will notice any bulge (I also wear under jeans so there can't be much of a bulge). As has been stated, the only way for someone to tell is if they touch your butt. No one does this to me, so I am in the clear.

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