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Thread: How long do you keep your paci for?

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    Default How long do you keep your paci for?

    On my dummies (paci's) the instructions on the pack say to replace after 1 month, but I have had the same dummy for almost 5 months and it seems fine, I keep it clean and sterilised by pouring boiling water on it before i use it, and i try to keep it stored out of sunlight to help preserve the teat, as it is latex, which i prefer to silicone.
    So how long to you keep the same paci for?

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    I keep my paci for 3-4 months before replacing, and thats with use every night in my sleep. It gets rinsed under water before each use, put in boiling water for a few mins each week, and is just stored on my desk when I'm not sucking on it. Even when it gets to the time to replace it, it looks fine and would probably last a lot longer.

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    My pacies dont last long. I'm terrible for biteing and chewing them in my sleep. meaning i have to replace every other month or two. I tend to alwas have a spare one around in case it goes without warning and i cant get another one quickly.

    I also use my paci every night as well when i'm at home. I dont tend to take it out or round anyone elses home or down the town when i go out. I am much to embarressed that i will meet someone i know and they will see it and then laugh or make fun of me for it.

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    I'm still using a paci I bought last August, but now I don't use the same one every night. Got another one in December so now I rotate them. Will
    probably get another one next month. Then retire my first one. Will check pacifiersrus next week and see what their specials are. That's where I
    get mine. I like their extended teat "7's" in silicone.

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    im bad when it comes to accidently biting my pacis so mine last 3 weeks - 1 1/2 months

    but what ever

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    I don't do anything especial, sometimes I clean it with water, boiling can acelerate destroy proces. I've some pacis like 2 years or more and nothing hapens. Important is not expose your paci to sunlight. I replace when I see it useless.

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    You can zap them in the microwave for a few seconds in a glass of water. It will kill anything on them. They even make special pacifier things for the microwave in the baby section at WalMart.

    Thank you baby registry :P

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    I carry mine everywhere with me, Round my neck or in my pocket. I always know its there :3 And I don't have to replace for at least 7-8 months

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    I haven't had to replace mine in over a year but I don't use it that much. I should get around to boiling it sometime soon though.

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    I use mine every night and sometimes during the day, and replace about every two months. I sometimes chew on it, but I haven't bit through a nipple (at least not since I was an actual baby )

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