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Thread: Play Ball!

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    Default Play Ball!

    Are you ready for some baseball? I am! The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros
    open tomorrow night on ESPN. I'm ready for the season to start so I can watch
    my Randgers on TV.

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    I will stick with my standard team since 74.

    I pray for the "Cleveland Indians" because most of the time its the only prayer they have.

    More appropreatly I rought for two teams; The tribe, and whoever is playing the "Damn Yankees"

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    Oakland A's. I'll hopefully go to a home game this season.

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    Nice to know I am not the only Cleveland Indians fan around here! I am a die-hard Indians fan and have been since I can remember! I also have another favorite team- the Philadelphia Phillies- so I root for two teams but my all-time fave is the Indians. I've been going to Indians games since 1987 at the old Municipal Stadium and I go at least once or twice a year!

    I will be watching some of the Rangers/Astros game tomorrow night to welcome the Houston Astros into the AL! I am really excited that baseball is FINALLY starting up!

    I had hoped to get Indians home opener tixs against the Yankees but they sold out in six minutes! Six minutes! WOW. I am excited and looking forward to the season! GO TRIBE and GO PHILS!


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    LET'S GO ROCKIES! Gotta root for at least one of my home teams XD

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    I grew up as a Yankees fan having lived in New Jersey, but this looks like it's going to be a rough year as the owners are cutting the roister so they can avoid the luxury tax.

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    As a long time suffering Cubs fan all I can say is Go Cubs Go!!!!!!

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    Let's go Bravos! Atlanta's gonna be getting a World Series title this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I also have another favorite team- the Philadelphia Phillies
    Good Luck tomorrow! Gonna be a great game

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