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    I just saw where Bambino is offering Total Dry Plus for a reasoonable price. Anyone try these before and are they any good?

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    I have not tried those as they are named, but from the bag, the image, and past history, I would guess they are substantially the same as their old Secure Plus product. This was a step down from the Secure X-Plus (now TotalDry X-Plus, I guess secure wasn't secure enough) but still quite serviceable. I'd put it in the realm of an Abena 2, being better than Depends/Attends, etc., but not for heavy usage. I was sad to see them discontinue the line, so I'll probably pick some up sooner or later.

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    The Total Dry are the exact same thing as the Secure that they had on there earlier. I think the company name just changed.

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    TotalDry plus and TotalDry X-plus are different. X-plus is what Secure X-plus use to be, they just changed the name to Totaldry instead of Secure. However Totaldry PLUS (not x-plus) is supposed to be a daytime diaper that is not as thick as X-plus (meaning its not as thick as classico or teddy bambinos) but still offers premium diaper qualities like extra standing leg-guards or lock core whatever in it, and apparently its great for side sleepers. I guess you can say its like a value priced diaper with good quality in it. and the price is great, you can get 3 bags of 12 Large for 39 or 4 bags of 12 medium for 43. I ordered a sample pack that should come in today or monday.

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    I just got a sample and they are great. they seem to have more padding than the old secure plus. they are thicker than tena maxi and the tapes are bigger and better than the maxi. I would say these are just as good as the abena m2. they cost only 70 cents per diaper the tena maxi cost as much as the bambino. if you wear thin diapers during the day like i do you will want to check these out

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