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    why or why not? do they really hide the bulk in the front especially?do you wear them in public under your clothes?what kind and where did you get them?

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    They help hold your diaper in place. They will help somewhat on hiding the bulk. I'm not that big down there so my diaper does it's job doing that.
    I've got 8 onesie's all together. I've 6 from Fetware in both solid colors and prints. Also got 2 from Baby-Pants in dinosaur and pink butterflies.
    I wear mine in public covered by a shirt alot.

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    I own one I got from save. It is plain white as I did not like the only print they had.

    I don't think it hides a lot of the bulk, maybe holds the diaper in place a little and prevents the bulk from hanging between your legs and thus showing in your pants. I mainly use it when it is very cold for the added warmth as your upper body is enveloped in an additional layer of cloth. And also for the sort of babyish feeling. Sometimes in summer, when it is very warm, I also sleep in only my onesie and a diaper. Conversely, in winter, I use it on very cold nights as an additional layer under my footed sleeper.

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