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Thread: Well guys, I just got found out.

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    Default Well guys, I just got found out.

    Well, as the title says, I've been discovered. More specifically, I've been discovered by my mother (who I live with due to financial reasons), and it wasn't just my stash, either. It was the used ones. I've got about an hour and a half to explain myself. I'm not going to lie, but I haven't got any idea whatsoever how to tell the truth. What should I say?

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    Sorry to hear that buddy this must be a very difficult situation for you, although it may seem like the end of the world it may not end badly.
    As for advice it would be quite hard to know what to say without knowing the particulars of your situation.

    Do you identify yourself as an AB or DL or both? If AB then there's likely to be more emotions involved..

    hope this works out well for you

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    Heyo! I had the exact situation just three months ago!

    Basically, it was winter break and I came home after hanging out with a few old high school friends. Paranoid me checked my 'used' bag that was hidden in my room, and the whole thing was just gone.

    Fifteen minutes later, my mom comes into my room and says "Uhhh, do you need to go to the doctor?" because she thought it was a medical issue. I responded "No, this is purely sexual and it's best if we kept it at that."

    I'm not sure what your mom is like, but you're gonna have to judge the situation yourself. Don't try and play it off, because it's already incredibly obvious that you wear diapers. Don't try and make it seem like an actual medical condition, that just worsens your situation. What you need to do is go to her, and talk with her alone. Most parents don't need or want to know about their child's sex life. So just keeping it simple and saying that it's something sexual is probably best. She may be curious as to why, in which case you can explain a little further. Just make sure you go to her and tell her.

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    It's odd, really. I realize that it's probably not the end of the world, but despite that I still feel ready to vomit.

    As for my situation, I'm both, albeit more to the DL side. It's not much of a sexual thing though if that's what you were getting at.
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    If you're going to own up, I guess I'd suggest starting minimally. Yes, they're yours, you wear them for enjoyment, they're also private, and you're sorry that you weren't careful enough to keep them that way. Be clear that they don't indicate a physical, emotional, or psychological problem. Be prepared for her to ask you not to indulge while you live there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLaPlage View Post
    It's not much of a sexual thing though if that's what you were getting at.
    Woops, sorry. I assumed too much.

    Well the point stands: you need to tell her how you feel. If diapers make you happy, then tell her that. Tell her the basic reason why you like them, at the very least.

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    Aww hope the vommity feeling passes.

    okay so it may help that its not much of a sexual thing this may make it easier to talk about with your mum, and as your more to the DL side you can largely avoid mention of babyish behavior while still being honest.Whilst I imagine it could be beneficial to talk about AB feelings it could be very hard in practice because of the very deep emotional involvements, and could be hard to prevent your mother from perhaps blaming herself - people tend to blame themselves for all sorts of things IMHO.

    Id just try to be as open as possible and say that its something you enjoy and find relaxing

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    Good luck. As others have said, if you are intent on coming clean, start with as little as you can get away with. A lot of it will really depend on the attitude your parents take.

    Let us know how it pans out

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    Good luck. As others have said, if you are intent on coming clean, start with as little as you can get away with. A lot of it will really depend on the attitude your parents take.

    Let us know how it pans out

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    I'd like to start by saying I appreciate everybody's assistance and encouragement.

    Well, I might have goofed. She insists that it's due to some sort of psychological issue, and that I should see a professional (not about this specifically, she's been insistent that I'm depressed for a long time now). And as predicted, she asked that I refrain from it while still living here. Funny really, I'm good with words (or at least so I think) right up until the point where I need to be.

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    I'd say what your mother knows doesn't hurt her. even if you aren't an AB, just tell her you're an infantilist. It's a lot less strange to explain a desire to regress rather than a sexual desire to the diapers. Also, You can move it over to you liking diapers. Say the thing that helps you 'regress' the most and feel comfortable in is the diapers, and leave it fairly vague. Your mother doesn't want to know about your sexual attractions whether they're there or not. So don't imply that you might have an attraction to the diapers for anything but comfort.

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