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Thread: Attends vs Tena Slip Super

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    Default Attends vs Tena Slip Super

    I have the opportunity to get both of these, which one is better and why? Are attends plastic back?

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    Hi Infantmess92. I would need to know a little more before giving my recommendation...if you access to any Attends product, I would say go for the Attends 10 Regular Slip. That will swell up wonderfully with use (despite starting off rather thin from pack) and will hold more than Tena Slip Super.

    Ideally though.. Order a pack of both if that is an option...! Nice to have a variety, and both very nice products.

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    Ohh, ok North American Attends...they are not as good as the (totally different) Attends branded product available in Europe. I would say stick with the Tena Slip Super. In my experience, they are better.

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