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Thread: My First Successful Dark Souls Play Through

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    Default My First Successful Dark Souls Play Through

    I got the game shortly after it was released but I was not very successful at it. I played for about a week and put it down thinking that it was too hard.

    After watching some let's plays of it on YouTube recently I decided to pick it back up. I did a little research this time on how to better level and equip a character. It is still very challenging but I am having much more success than my first few attempts.

    I have to say it is one of the most rewarding video game experiences I have had in awhile. It really reminds me of some of the game I used to play on the NES and SNES as a child. Those games could be extraordinarily challenging and did not have as much hand holding as games seem to have today.

    Any other DS players out there? If so, what kind of character did you build?

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    And yes, i'm playing it sometimes. It's a really polarising game. It's really rewarding and actually makes a lot of fun if you finally adopted to this unique playstyle. On the other hand, sometimes it's simply unfair and only trying to mess with your nerves :D

    But still, i like it. I've got a Pyromancer, mainly dodging - melee based, but sometimes i'm actually using the fire spells. Of course "power within" before every boss.

    I remember my first "playthrough" - i didn't, or rather i couldn't finish it, since i screwed up big time. Anyway, after ringing the first bell, I've been walking the wrong way, down to the catacombs and the tombs of the ancient.
    It's been way too hard for my sl2x chara, besides the fact that i mainly walked slowly, due to the missing light radius... this got on my nerves.
    And the little fact, that i couldn't go back up again, wasted hours... i quitted the game for some months after this and looked into some guides later on :)

    It's a great game nonetheless, if you're into this genre.

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    I'm building a Knight/Mage character. I did a suicide run when I started. I went to the graveyard and got the wingtip spear and the darkroot garden for the elite knight armor. I got Havels ring after the first bell so I could wear the armor and modified the spear to scale to int. I just got through the bottom of Sen's Fortress and my character is kicking butt.

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    Love it. Highly addictive game. I haven't played it in several months, but I've been so busy I haven't played that many games. I love this game so much I wrote a review over a year ago on Amazon and I almost never write reviews on anything. Once you gain the patience and understanding about how to fight and equip your character, things get much easier. I honestly do not think the game is unfair, it just puts the responsibility for failure squarely on your shoulders. Best game I have played in a long time.

    I have three characters (two I play more often). My main one is a pyromancer with a Dark Knight Sword +5. That weapon is slow, but devastating. I also have a claymore choas blade +5 and an enchanted Zweighander (sp?). My other character is a lighter, more agile female with more spells and miracles.

    Just an aside, the reason my pyromancer doesn't have any miracles to cast is that I killed all the Way the White NPC's in the game (long story of a misunderstanding that snow-balled out of control).

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    I've actually just started playing Dark Souls a couple of days ago, just beating the Gaping Dragon today. I've been sort of abusing the Drake Sword mostly, so basic sword and shield combo, oh and my class is Bandit, mainly been stacking strength, endurance and vitality.

    Really fun game so far, though I feel perhaps a little tooo easy XD. Though this is coming from someone who has finished I Wanna Be The Guy on very hard, so a single hit instakilling me and sending me back 3 levels seems quite fair to me. I'm hoping the later bosses are sufficiently difficult, and to be fair to the game, the butterfly boss was a nice challenge, though it did only take me 2 tries to win. The Gaping Dragon was a bit disappointing though, epic cutscene, really really nice creature design, and it's damn huge! And then it has a really sort of lame and non-threatening move set. I need to try out magic more too, since I haven't cast a single spell in the game yet. Wouldn't mind being able to cast a fireball or two.

    Yeah overall, really good, the art style/graphics are really fantastic and suit the game, character/creature design is spot on, and the controls feel amazing, which is really key for this kind of game. Personally I'd rather the bosses be a little bit harder (so far it's been 90% "dodge an attack, swipe, dodge, swipe, dodge, swipe..." repeat until win is obtained.) but I am still fairly early on, so we'll see! And also I assume the developers didn't want to frighten off all but the most hardcore of players with extremely unforgiving gameplay. Actually that's something worth noting, Dark Souls has an amazing ability to seem very punishing, when it is not really at all. Assuming you can back to where you died, (which is all but 3 times for me I think so far) you don't lose anything from dieing, which I think is really well done by the developers. You get the feel of a hardcore gritty game, without the "Oh my god I lost 100k souls because I jumped off a cliff!!" *ragequit*.

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    Yay, after you ring the second bell is when the game really starts. The drake sword is great but it doesn't scale to anything. You will probably need to switch to a blade that scales to strength in the near future.

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