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Thread: Whats the most wettings for one diaper anyone has had?

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    Default Whats the most wettings for one diaper anyone has had?

    Whats the most wettings for one diaper anyone has had?

    just curious on how different brands are matching up to each other with every ones input, thought that mite be interesting to see.

    personally i cant put a number on the amount of times I've wet one of my custom diaper, but i do know that it was equivalent to 20lbs all in one diaper according to the scale.

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    I wear both a cloth and disposable diaper, and sometimes even an underwear diaper under those so that I can wet all day long. I find a good pair of plastic panties helps as well. Just love the wet squishy feeling when they are all full.

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    Wettings aren't measured in quantity, but rather fluid ounce. There is a basically a new thread every day on which diapers have the most absorbancy, if that is your question.

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    For a medium Abena plastic backed M3, I've never gotten past 3 solid wettings. I'm 5'8.5" and 140 pounds on a heavy day with a waist size of roughly 30"

    For a medium Dry 24/7, I couldn't wet that thing enough! Didn't try much more than 3, but dang it held every drop like a champ.

    And for a medium Molicaire Super I got 2 solid wettings in while sitting down no problem. Got an extra one in on the Molicaire Super Plus.

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    If spread throughout, my typical night diapers (cloth) will hold about a half-gallon before leaking. Thatís a lot, like four good wettings for me.

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    I have used two layered diapers and had overnight pads in each one and manage to (while wearing plastic pants) pee all day long in them. By the end of the day both diapers and all the pads are totally full. The bulk feeling from being in two totally soaked diapers and soaked pads is so wonderful.

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    I can't do a full wetting at once because my bladder cannot contract, nor can I open the sphincter voluntarily. It just "overflows" when under sufficient pressure to force the sphincter open. However I have several times had a nappy last most of the day which would be the equivalent of probably 3 full wettings. These have been with Euron super-plus and Tena Maxis.

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    For me, it's more about confort than capacity. If my diaper can last me 4h with normal hydration and still be confortable, I'm happy. For night time, my diaper must not wake me up because it's wet.
    Some diapers have a theorical absorbancy and a very different practical absorbency. Especially if sitting down or laying down. Most diapers on the market can handle 2 good full bladder flooding when standing up. Rare are those that can handle that when sitting down. Anyway, diapers are not ment to handle full bladder flooding. Incontinent people void a lot sooner than that, wich is a lot less urine at once.

    So for me, Tena Ultra for day time and Molicare super plus or Kendall Lille Supreme (the overnight one) for night time.
    I wear every night and a lot during the day.

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    I am not sure. I don't do full wettings anymore because my I feel I have to go to the bathroom before it's full and it's not much that comes out compared to others who are continent and never wear diapers. It's like like peeing in the toilet in your diaper when I do it. I've trained my body to not do full wetting. Diapers don't usually handle a full wetting because they are not made for that.

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    My wettings are irregular. I don't pee a whole lot at any one time so I never flood my diaper. I change mine on time frame of how long I'm wearing them.
    My overnight diaper is normaly soaked when I get up in the morning and I usally take it off before I poop and take my shower. I don't keep track of how
    many times I pee before I change.

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