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Thread: Safe shipping of Abena M4

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    Default Safe shipping of Abena M4

    54x40x28cm 8.1kg Only Age Comfort on the shipping label, no any other info than can reveal it is a diaper box. Order it now, it is the best diaper I tried till now. Very comfortable with the thick diaper! 8-)
    Since I can't PM right now, just let you guys know the dimension of the case of Abena M4. And if you order from Age Comfort, there is no any indication that the diaper is inside. They protect your privacy very well.

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    Default Sv: Safe shipping of Abena M4

    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    You're still getting plastic backed ones? I'm jealous.
    It is still available in the US.

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    If you want the plastic back M4, xp medical still had them, alot of them. Ships in a plain brown box, labeled from Gary Evans. Can't get more discret then that. Free shipping on cases.

    And that's in the US

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    I was just about to recommend xp medical but Taco03 beat me to it.

    I've never had a problem with that website and shipping was relatively quick. Definitely less than a week with economy shipping, but I'm in California.

    You just have to be ready to shell out some cash, but it seems like every diaper they sell at xp is quality so the price is worth it.

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