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    Hey everybody.
    I've been into the adult baby scene for about 6 years. I originally wore due to medical issues which have now been resolved.
    Recently I found a love of being a caregiver (a daddy) rather than a baby.
    After a lot of consideration I decided to set up a Skype account and find me some online AB's and see how I did.
    Well this worked out great for a bit. Now, there's two AB's that I'm head over heels for as a daddy. I'm straight by the way.
    They consistently talk about moving in with me and me being their daddy for "all time".
    My question is directed at the daddy population or anyone with more common sense than me, how do you handle this type of situation? I feel like everything's getting rushed and if I cut these two off abruptly they're gonna be crushed.

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    Didn't finish my post. I really want to be a daddy but in the long run I really don't know of it'll work out for my ab side. Between career, work and everything else.

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    Both ABs need to understand that you can't be a full time daddy, it's just not feasible. Let them know that if they were to move in they would be expected to be an adult some of the time. If you personally want a relationship with one of them tell them so. You need to be upfront and honest just like any relationship.

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    You forgot an important detail: the gender of the AB's you care for. If you are straight and they are men, you have a strong reason not to allow them to move in. This goes regardless of whether you do anything sexual.

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    It can be really wonderful to be a caretaker but its not the typical sort of relationship and there aren't many widely accepted ground rules. This means we have to do more work along the way, making sure that there is a clear understanding of benefits and responsibilities. No one is going to tell these people how you feel but you. Whatever level of engagement you're comfortable with is where it has to lie.

    Personally, I don't think I'd be comfortable cohabiting with someone who wanted to be cared for all or even most of the time. I'd want some adult time and a productive partner, roommate, etc. It may be a common fantasy for some to be little full time with a "parent" but it doesn't seem very reasonable, practical, or even fun to me. There's an "adult" in AB and that side needs attention as well. Talk to your friends and explain your concerns. If they're at all reasonable, they will understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

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    As having a "caretaker" myself, i can say i'm really glad that i've got one and that this "relationship" works for both of us.
    Although he has been some kind of caretaker, before i really started to like my little girl role.

    However i agree with Trevor, it would feel kinda awkward if we only had this relationship as a LG and caretaker. In the end i still want a partner, someone i can love and share my feelings. I want to talk about things that trouble me and i want to know everything that bothers him and hopefully we're able to find a solution in the end, whichever problem it may be. So every little aspect that a good relationship between 2 people should have. And being a little girl and/or caretaker is kinda sharing a feeling or an activity, in my humble opinion.

    In your case you need to know your boundaries, do you only want to be a caretaker as an platonic relationship or hobby, kinda. Or should this be a serious relationship with more or less "adult time". Just don't do anything that doesn't make you happy in the end.
    Secondly, if you're a "switching" person between AB and caretaker and your partner is only into one of those aspects, hm this can be troublesome for you, i think.
    I'd talk to them, tell them how you feel.

    best wishes :)

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