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Thread: is it normal to be ABDL but still like heavy metal music ?

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    Default is it normal to be ABDL but still like heavy metal music ?

    Hey all.i was just wonderingthis as i was listening to my music tonight as i cant sleep agan. I think i might have the flu.

    anyways. can someone be ABDL but still like listening to heavy metal and other non babyish music as well as babyish music too ?

    I mean i love nursery rymes and such as well.

    Im mostly just curious but feedback would be nice.



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    I actually know a LOT of ABs who love heavy metal, so I'd say it's pretty normal!

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    I'm not sure exactly how common it is, as I simply haven't seen it discussed enough to say for sure, but I know I certainly love heavy metal music. I have had music of that genre on before while diapered up and playing with my room even. Doesn't make me feel any less like a baby to enjoy a variety of babyish and non-babyish music. I remember when I was around 3 (far as my memory goes back), I was actually very interested in harder sounding music. It always kind of creeped me out as a little little kid, thus intriguing me to want to hear it more, lol. So, in a way, it actually brings back feelings of being young to me.

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    I'm really not trying to give you a hard time here but just pointing out that you seem to be overly interested in the subject of normality: and or even Most of us are into diapers and other things besides but we don't stop being people because of it. We're going to have varied interests and they will express themselves in different ways. I'd worry a lot more if you liked nothing but baby things.

    I hope you don't have the flu since that's horrible. Whatever you've got, I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

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    I don't think ive properly heard any babyish music, ive certainly listened to plenty of Metal.

    Could you give an example of babyish music? Im just curious now

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    I don't think being a ABDL has any effect on the music taste. Many here likes Metal stuff, but also pop, hip hop, rap and all that stuff. I listen personally mostly Metal, but sometime soundtracks from movies and videogames.

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    I fail to see how these things have any correlation. One's taste in music has nothing to do with one's AB interests. I'm a classical music lover myself, but it in no way effects my AB/DL desires, nor do they effect my taste in music. Remember, this is only a small part of who your are, it does not rule all aspects of your life, and if it does your are a slave. I understand that these desires are important to you, seem mystifying, and are highly personal, yet that does not mean that other areas of life do not exist, or that this area of your life must govern.

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    I have a real baby that grew up loving Queen and another that loved drum and bass (not my fault!). In fact a lot of babies like strong vibrations and bass from loud music.

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    You can be an AB/DL despite eating solid food, you can be one despite watching TV shows/movies for adults and you can be one despite being able to drive/vote/have a job. There is nothing you that you cannot do despite being an AB/DL, everything is fine whether it seems normal or not.

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