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Thread: footsie/kidpjs

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    Default footsie/kidpjs

    do you wear them why or why not?also if you do when do you like to wear them?

    what brand do you use
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    i wear footie pjs to bed every night and the reason why i wear them is simple i like to regress into my baby persona at bedtime so i sleep better

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    After I change into my Dry24/7 and plastic pants I put on my footie sleeper. I then get my paci and crawl into bed. When I get up in
    the morning I'm soaked and happy.

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    Its funny, the first time I saw them for adults was in SKYMALL, I laughed and thought it was cool enough to get. Once getting them i thought they were actually pretty bad ass. Since buying my first I have bought 4 different ones, and its hot where i live so if it isn't at least 55 outside then they are in the closet. Footed Pajamas are great! recommend them to anyone who is optimistic about night wear. The weird thing is, I don't connect the onesie with my diaper passion.

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    i want to get a footed or non footed sleeper i think it would be nice or some kid like pjs in general

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    I've always hated footed pjs. I over heat easily so my childhood pjs had the feet cut out and still I was uncomfortable. While I think they would be fun to wear when I'm in little mode, they just wouldn't be practical for me.

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    I wear them quite often...

    If I'm cold I'll wear them when watching movies or just laying around...

    At night, sometimes I don't wear them just too lazy to put them on...


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    I dont want to sound odd or anything here, But i love my footed duckie pj's. i wear them all the time as well as my diapers. I cant explain it but since i started using them all the time it dosen't feel right if im not padded. dos anyone understand what i mean ?

    I also have some onsies which i wear around the house when im not wearing my jammies. I think there great but there not as good as my duckie jammies.


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    I have the pink duck variation of those Jumpin Jammerz footie pajamas. Very happy with them, certainly wonderful with a diaper and a comfy night.

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    I love mines and I got one for 15 bucks. I got it from Target in boys size XL with dinosaurs on them. I don't really consider myself an AB, but I really do love wearing footie pjs because I was all about those as a kid.

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