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    Lightbulb Hello there

    My name is Erik
    Nice to meet you guys. I LOVE THE SAME THING AS YOU GUYS.
    I have been a member for couple of months but I was a lurker.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC!

    Erik with a K is kinda exotic, isn't it? It's a beautiful name, but all people i know with that name, got the one with a C.
    Is it a rather common name in Canada that way?

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you and i guess we're mostly all here for the same reasons. Furthermore it's good to hear that you finally had the courage to write an introduction.

    Maybe you want to tell us a little bit more about yourself? Also something really "offtopic",as an example some of your hobbies perhaps?

    And don't be too shy to ask, if you have a question or a problem!
    Have a lot of fun here!

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    hello from the west: Alberta yep, we do have the same interest in waterproof underthings, and yeah, it's interesting to meet an Erik with a k. I visited Toronto once: it's like London, UK, it's a city in all of a rush, no such thing as running to catch a train like here where they can be half-hourly on our subway... in T.O. you just wait for the next one, it'll be along in 5 minutes... standing room only often - and diapers cut down the need for time-costly side trips... that's why they are more popular than the general public supposes or even guesses... of course that's why... why else, I wonder could it be ?

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