For a long time I've been using Abena Abri-Form M4 diapers to manage my daytime bladder troubles. I use cloth at night for cost savings, but the plastic-backed Abenas were a good fit for my daytime needs and I very rarely had any trouble with them.

Of course, at the start of the year, Abena wanted to switch everyone over to their new "Premium Air-Plus" briefs. I figured I would give them a try for a while to see if they were a good diaper and could take care of my needs.


I ordered two cases, figuring, "Hey, Abena does some pretty good diapers, I'll do my normal order and then decide after using those if I need to switch." It didn't take long to realize just how horrible the new diapers are.

Within an hour of taping one of the new briefs on, it has loosened up. If I don't wear underwear over it, it will start sagging and falling down my legs. It gets loose enough that leaks are a constant worry, and the absorbency is not as good as the old M4's. By the time I go to take the diaper off, I have to hold it in place while I take my other clothing off, just so it doesn't fall down my legs.

I have e-mailed Gary at XPMedical with my opinions on the new diapers, telling him to feel free to send my comments along to Abena (which he said he would). I will never buy the new Air-Plus cloth backed diapers again. In the last couple weeks, I finally got a couple cases of the plastic backed M4 diapers again and I am so glad I have them now. Once I put them on in the morning, they stay in place until I take them off. They stay tight, I don't have to worry about leaks.

We're fortunate here in the states that Abena decided to continue production of the plastic backed M4's. I really feel for anyone who can't get a hold of them.