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    Just seeing if people can recall there first memories

    Mine is when I was very young
    I can remember a brown Storage Ottoman from when I was still unable to walk I would go to it and us it to stand. I remember exploring as a baby dose. The Ottoman was old and made in the 50s that what my mom told me. It was one that the top was bigger then the bottom, the top of it stuck out about what seem to me to be 2 in over the bodom but at that age every thing is bigger.

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    I remember quite a bit from like 2-4 then everything till 3 years ago...

    When 2 I remember not wanting a stroller when going to the zoo...but it's always better to ride on his shoulders anyhow...way better view...

    Before 2 just bits and pieces...not much coherent...

    Then three years ago I remember a vehicle pulling out in front of me, swerving to try to place the accident as far from me as possible...even the look in the lady's eyes, and then I heard the engine in my car stop abruptly...after that my next memory was almost a week later...still unable to walk, heavily medicated with many narcotics...

    Memory is a wierd thing and what will bring one you don't even know right back just as fresh as you just experienced it.

    Now, I wish I had more memories from the pre 4-5 age...It was actually the best time my family had in those days...up until about 6 or so...the next ten years weren't bad...but not money...farther working away from home for months at a time...until I was 16...then family had much more available money father working only 2-3 days away at a time...then 17 I started a business...and left home never to return again...except for this accident...I ended up back at my parents for quite some time...almost a year...till I could walk least somewhat...

    Now, well, I haven't forgotten any of my childhood, what there was of it...I've got a new house that's not quite done...I can walk about 2-3 sets of stairs or about a quarter mile a day...I don't remember everything anymore...but, like right now, I'm ok...still above the dirt...still trying to have some fun...and keep going...

    Anyhow, back to memory, it's not understood at's totally a mystery why one thing is remembered and another is forgotten...

    I used to speak three, I'm down to one...I still know a bit of Spanish and can figure it out...but can't do it like I once did...same with german...

    Anyhow, cherish every memory!

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