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    As mentioned in another post: after how much time do you see the effects of Vesicare disappear when you stop taking it? I forgot to take them this morning and got some issues in the afternoon, but this is probably coincide?

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    About 24 hours... but that depends a bit ... on you.

    But it's not a "build-up" med... meaning, your body doesn't store the active ingredient (solifenacin) over a prolonged time.
    And it depends a lot on your overall metabolism on how fast / slow the stuff stays in your system.
    So when you had your last one the previous morning and you forgot todays dose - than yes, sometimes around mid-day you're really likely to have the IC effects back in place.

    I guess you take vesicare for an overactive bladder?

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    Yes, I have MS and an overactive bladder. As my urge symptoms disappeared after a few weeks of Vesicare, I just want to check if the bladder is cured or if Vesicare is the one controlling the urges. The only way to find out is to stop taking it... If you say that it will work for 24hours, then why does it take a few weeks to start working?

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