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Thread: Don't really know if i belong here, but i might as well introduce myself

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    Default Don't really know if i belong here, but i might as well introduce myself

    So... I've been lurking around here for a few days, and finally worked up the nerve to join.

    What brings me here? First off, I've had a diaper fetish ever since I was about 4, which I believe may have been caused by being around an infant cousin. However, it's gone mostly unfulfilled, as I live with my parents and they don't know about it.

    Fast-forward to the age of 15, when I discovered the joys of thumbsucking for stress relief. The next year I got pacifiers, and I think I would fall apart if I ever got rid of them. I love curling up in bed, sucking my paci and snuggling my stuffed animals - the feeling of comfort and security is wonderful.

    As for my other interests: baking, writing, reading, music, video games, movies, TV....

    In conclusion, I'm trying to avoid labelling myself as ab or dl for the time being and just try to accept my ''quirks'' as a part of who I am. Part of me still wants to run away from all this screaming ''what have I gotten myself into,'' but the other half knows I need to accept it.

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    Welcome KimbaStarshine.

    Very nice intro. What kind of baking do you do? I'm a foody, and dabble in catering.
    I also like old movies especially Boggy and Jimmy Steward, and a good scify

    again welcome
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    Some of my fav things to bake are peanut butter pie, muffins and icebox cookies

    As for movies, I like a lot of animation, like Studio Ghibli's works.

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    I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER PIE! My mom taught me how to make it when I was younger and its probably the easiest kind of pie to make Though I know very few people who have actually tried or heard of it before. Mix the filling, pour, add a design on the top with hershey's syrup and crushed reeses cups. Throw it in the freezer and you're good to go! I use the same recipe for my home made Moose Tracks ice cream.

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    My peanut butter pie is actually baked and has a pumpkin-pie like consistency.

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    Hey Kimba, nice intro, ummm I'm tipping you probably do belong around here, lol. We like that stuff a lot, and surprise surprise were actually not that freaky well we don't reckon so anyway.... Not that we're biased or anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    My peanut butter pie is actually baked and has a pumpkin-pie like consistency.
    Fascinating! Mine is the consistency of ice cream and is served frozen.

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    As somebody who wasn't so sure if he would belong here, I'll say this. You'll fit in with everybody else in no time. :3

    Until then, Welcome to ADISC, from what I've experienced so far. The people on here will make sure you're welcome :3 As evidenced above :P

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    Default Re: Don't really know if i belong here, but i might as well introduce myself

    Well AB/DL is just a label for us to relate to and gives us a term to identify it. You are one of us label or not. You are like me, I became interested in diapers and baby things since I could remember around 4ish years old. You can keep your desires suppressed but it will eventually become so strong.

    I'm not trying to sound like a wise ass. Most people, including me have come from the same lurker/denier/confused status. We are a support group to help come to terms to what this is and to know you aren't alone. You have it in your head that you're a wierdo, but everyone has something weird and uncommon about themselves if they are an AB/DL or not. Once you learn that you aren't so alone as you think you are, you will come to terms with yourself and understand and accept yourself for who you are.

    Oh yeah, welcome to ADISC.

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