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Thread: What is your favorite music to listen to

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    Default What is your favorite music to listen to

    I listen to country all the time. Grew up with country music and it stuck to me.

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    I can appreciate country like Eric Church, some Zac Brown and Lady A, the only trouble is the local station plays certain songs beyond death and they'll just keep playing and playing them (that would be Little Big Town). When I was coming up one month I would like New Wave, the next month it would be hair bands. When I started teaching myself guitar it was a few years of hard rock and thrash metal, then I got into surf music. Currently, since I got one of my favorite guitars back I've been on another Frank Zappa/ Mothers kick.

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    I like hip-hop, reggae and all sorts of chilled-out dance music (stuff like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Faithless, etc.), plus some older creative stuff -- Pink Floyd, Love, Sly & The Family Stone.

    I used to like much harder dance music but... well... the older I get the more hard dance stuff sounds like the noise inside my head after a heavy drinking session! Not to mention the fact that, whilst in my head I can still dance non-stop for 12 hours... I can't even last 12 minutes these days!

    Oh... and it's true what they say. Once you reach 30, you do start dancing like your dad. It's just one of those weird unbroken laws of nature... :-/

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    Simon and Garfunkel, then Paul Simon, then (believe it or not) Taylor Swift! HAHA!!!

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    All parts of the rock and metal spectrums move me along with orchestral and celtic music, perfect to listen to in the evenings.

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    Wolfgang Amodaus Mozart, Bach, Vertia, then my wild side is glen miller and the dorseis

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    I listen mostly to "punk." I've kind of distilled that genre to a few bands that I can stand (Operation Ivy, The Clash). My tastes have been pretty stagnant for a while because I've gotten fed up with a lot of the bands I used to like but I am generally very provincial when it comes to music. I'm tired of punk tropes, but I grew up listening to punk and in a big way my mind sees it as this "pure" genre, any departures from which detract from the music's quality.

    It's a bit of a problem.

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    Really depends on the mood I'm. Mostly I listen to prog metal, metal or some bands from other metal genres. Other times, when I'm writing, I need instrumental music. That's when I listen to soundtracks from videogames, movies or just listen to some classic music.

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    Drum & bass, breaks, trance, psy-trance and psy-breaks. Anything without singing in it, basically.

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    My favourite genres is indie/alternative: some great bands to go and see live.

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