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Thread: The Cloth Diaper Thing is Not Working Out

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    Default The Cloth Diaper Thing is Not Working Out

    I'm new to cloth diapers. I got really excited after ordering a Star Wars all in one with "Zorb" and Fleece and all that jive. I also ordered Super Undies from adultclothdiaperme. I love all of them. They are super comfy and fun, but I can't use them.

    When I used the really thick Star Wars diaper, with an extra 'Zorb' stuffer, the wetness eventually wicked to the outside of the diaper overnight and got my sheets wet.

    The Super Undies, which I use with three of their micro fiber stuffers, have even less capacity than Depends. Just one wetting and my pants are soaked the second I sit down.

    So I don't get it. How do adults actually get by using cloth diapers and not getting wet clothing or sheets? And don't say rubber pants, because they are supposed to be ALL-IN-ONE!

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    I'm sorry cloth diapers... we've had some fun times, but it's just not working out...

    Did you use the diapers right away? I don't know if all-in-ones work the same way, but you're supposed to wash traditional cloth diapers a few times before use. Also, are you sure you're not just literally using them to capacity? I have done this a few times with cloth, and they WILL start to have wicking leaks if you let them get over-full.

    Finally, the general consensus is that all in ones are not as effective at containing wicking leaks as cloth diapers plus plastic pants. I personally notice my all in one tends to leak around the legbands. Often this is because the cloth inside is connected to the elastic in the legbands, or the outer material, and so liquid eventually wicks through that fabric and to the outside.

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    If you have the the Dependeco "Star Wars" print the outer cover will get damp when you use them. You do need plastic pants with them.
    It takes about 6 washings for the diaper to be fully absorbant. That is for the pores in the pads to be fully opened up. I've been wearing
    mine now for 3 months and have had hardly any leaks. When I have it's been my fault. You have to remember the PUL material liner in
    the diaper is breatheable. Its not plastic like some AIO's are.

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    Rubber pants!!!

    (There, I said it! )

    AIOs are hard to get right. I haven't tried the adult kind myself, but we were given a few well-regarded baby AIOs which we tried on our kids, and the leg cuffs would wick urine to the outside if the diapers weren't changed proactively.

    For extended wear, you really do need the leg cuffs to be fully enclosed in plastic or something like PUL, and you need to make sure the inner diaper fabric can't poke out and make contact with your clothing, sheets, whatever. Even the slightest exposure of the inner fabric will eventually become a leak.

    For these reasons, I'll admit that I'm fairly skeptical of homemade AIOs, as even some of the mass-produce kind get it wrong. A separate diaper and waterproof cover/pant with enclosed elastics really is the way to avoid leaks.

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    I believe AIO are more of a training pants and not meant for any serious usage. they are just to thin. I use an overnight pre fold with plastic pants.

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    plastic pants bro :\

    i need to pick up a pair my self

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    Double cloth diapers and pull-on plastic pants are the best solution for overnite.

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    Thanks for all of the replies and advice. Honestly, I've only been peeing in them one time, but they don't seem to stand up. I will say that I've not washed them more than twice, and maybe that's one problem. But, I guess I just have to wear plastic pants if I don't want a leak. That is depressing though. I don't want to cover up my awesome Star Wars print, and the Super Undies are so soft and comfortable, the plastic pants would ruin the effect.

    I guess I just have to accept that I'll wear them for the feeling, but not to use, because I don't want to buy or use plastic pants. I like plastic diapers, but plastic pants do nothing for me.

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    tbh i really enjoy my buzz lightyear cloth. so be it i have to buy a plastic pans to prevent leaks. but i deff find after more washing it becomes much more absorbant lol. i will probly buy the most clear plastic pants i can find and wear them over it that way i still feel young

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    Like others have said. I wear night weight, gauze pre-fold cloth diapers and Leakmaster high top plastic pants. I never have a leak at night. The advantage of the Leakmaster high tops is that they extend beyond the top and the bottom of the diaper by at least an inch on both the top and the bottom, that being the legs. It makes all the difference in the world.

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