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Thread: lookin for a diaper to wear to work.

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    Default lookin for a diaper to wear to work.

    Im looking for something that will last all day but doesnt buldge as much. I dont usually have the time to run and use the restroom cause i actually want to do my job. Id like to avoide being obvious though.

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    Default Re: lookin for a diaper to wear to work.

    I wear diapers in public quite oftenly. If you want something to last all day you're going to have to wear a thicker type of diaper. I've worn Bambino Belssimos in public and havent had any problems. You just have to wear clothes that will hide the bulk and actually fit over the diaper.

    I usually wear plastic pants over the Belssimos and put on a Abena onesie, underwear, then loose pants and a shirt that will fall below the hip line. Although Abena onesies aren't available you can find a similar onesie available at XPMedical. You don't necessarily need plastic pants for a diaper with the capabilities of Belssimos. It could keep the leaks after a days worth in the diaper.

    I typically use my diapers to their capacity. An 8 hour work day will require a diaper that can hold 8 hours worth of urine. You should try wearing a thicker one outside of work and you'll realize that the paranoia is over exaggerating the notability of a diaper in the public eye.

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    You could get away with wearing about any diaper to work, because people generally don't notice the visual/audible cues. I've worn a Bellissimo to work a few times (though I do it only on very rare occasion), and nobody noticed.

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    Im in the military so i dont exactly get to choose what clothes i wear. In trying to find a diaper that will work for an 8 hour day around that.

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    Im in the military so i dont exactly get to choose what clothes i wear. In trying to find a diaper that will work for an 8 hour day around that.

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    Default Re: lookin for a diaper to wear to work.

    Quote Originally Posted by abkitty View Post
    Im in the military so i dont exactly get to choose what clothes i wear. In trying to find a diaper that will work for an 8 hour day around that.

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    Im in the military so i dont exactly get to choose what clothes i wear. In trying to find a diaper that will work for an 8 hour day around that.
    Ahhh military work? Military uniforms are usually baggy and don't typically have a tight body hugging fit. Just wear a white onesie as an undershirt. You'll need a thicker diaper to last an average work day. Unless you would bring changes with you. A thinner store bought diaper will be enough to handle a single void and not much else. A workday will bring several voids throughout the day. Either bring changes with you or wear a diaper made for 8 hours.

    No one is going to stare at your butt. The thicker diapers aren't all that much bulkier and no one is going to cross your path and stare at your butt to see if you're wearing a diaper or not.

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    I think the "Molicare Comfort Plus" (AKA the "Molicare Super" on XP's web site and not to be confused with the "Molicare Super Plus") are perfect for clandestine use. They aren't super thick like a regular diaper and they are virtually silent as far as I can tell.

    The outer cover is plastic with breathable cloth like side panes and since they use a gel for absorbency they are incredibly thin (the thinnest diaper I have ever seen actually) and don't bulge at all. They hold quite a bit but not as much as a full on diaper like the the Super Plus or an Abena.

    They are marketed for moderate to heavy incontinence and if you don't power flood them and give the gel a second or two to catch up they work great. They also keep your skin really dry and do a good job at wicking.

    This is the only diaper I ever felt comfortable with wearing outside the house. So much so you may forget they are there which may be a bummer for some. I've ski'd and even rode my bike for miles in these and they held up well.

    A seriously effective diaper to wear under your clothes and go unnoticed for a great price.

    They are like $30 bucks for a pack of 30

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Another thought for the 8 hour thing is to wear 2 diapers. When the inner one is soaked slide it out of there and you're all dry and ready for round two. I've read that some people will even use a trimmed up baby diaper as a filler and then slide it out when its used up.

    It might be a a little more discrete than trying to do the full on diaper change during the day.

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    Thanks guys. Yeah milutary uniforms are typically baggy but the dress ones arnt baggy at all. I will try out that molicare super. Since right now its a porta potty type situation changing wont work. Id normally use a tranquility atn but its a loud diaper and something might be available to rival it thats thinner. Ill order some samples of the super and see how well it works.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had them handy so I took a couple of pics.

    Left to right. Molicare Super plus, Molicare Comformt Plus and Abena Abri-Form L4

    The other is a side shot of a partially unfolded Molicare Comfort Plus. Incredibly thin yet they get the job done well enough IMHO

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    I think you may have conflicting goals here.

    "Thin" is going to mean either dry high sap, or low capacity high pulp. If you wet a high sap diaper, it will swell considerably. High pulp won't swell, but you won't get good capacity unless it's a bit thick to begin with. Also it's been my experience that the less sap content, the more odor when wet. So there's really no such thing as a discrete high capacity diaper, unless you go with high sap and don't intend to wet it while you need to be discrete.

    If you want to be able to wet while at work, maybe you need to think about when. You won't want to be in a wet diaper for any extended time at work anyway. (either you'll develop odor problems, get skin irritation, or need to change. So consider doing your wetting later in the day if you can, close to clockout time. That'll also mean less time for people to notice you.

    Tranquility ATN are very high sap and very thin while dry, so they're both thin and have good capacity. But they swell up quite a bit when wet, and don't have good odor control unfortunately.

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