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    Got out of bed this morning and put on my Tena pull ups from last night but unused.

    After breakfast I was admiring the view and relaxing when the feeling was suddenly wet in paces it should not. I had put them on inside out. A panic waddle to the bathroom before my wife saw the crescent marks on my jeans.

    Has anyone else been this stupid?

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    this sir is why you where diapers with tapes

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    Quote Originally Posted by tantricfollower View Post
    was suddenly wet in paces it should not. I had put them on inside out.... Has anyone else been this stupid?
    We've seen this tale more than once, you're not alone. Some of the pull-ups look nearly identical when turned inside-out. Pulling them on in the dark is especially dangerous business. There's really no fix for this short of vigilance.

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    I haven't done it, but I can see how it may be possible. There are only two silly diaper things I've done, and that is putting my first tape-on backwards, and wearing one in the shower so long that it exploded and gave me a fun mess to clean in the dead of the night, hoping no one woke up to use the bathroom.

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    And this, my dear, is why I avoid pull-ups if I can.

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    Just for fun I've tried once to put a tape on diaper inside out, I tried it with a plastic backed diaper so it was even more strange, this obviously wouldn't protect from anything and I didn't expect it but I wanted to see if it would keep the pee inside and it did the job, not absorbing anything at all obviously, I was in the shower so I could take it off quickly (you don't want to keep your pee next to your skin for too long, it could be really dangerous...)

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