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Thread: Where did I go wrong?

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    Default Where did I go wrong?

    In influencing my brother to listen to purely rock and metal when he was young. Nowadays he listens to anything BUT rock and metal. Its mostly country which gives me a headache when I hear it. Should I have induced his ears when he was five with Slayer and Rammstein?

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    My older brother played a very big part in the music I listen to. I didn't really have an interest in music before he started playing music for me and I essentially just emulated his tastes. For a while I also emulated his change in tastes. I remember a time when I played the song "Highway to Hell" by ACDC and he said something to me to the effect of "Why are you listening to this song?" The truth was that he had stopped playing it, so I hadn't heard it in a while, and I wanted to hear it. But he hadn't been playing it because he'd come to think of ACDC as stupid. I hadn't, but for me (I was probably in 5th or 6th grade), this left a big impression on me. Looking back, that my older brother wielded so much influence over the way I perceived my tastes in music was pretty stressful and limiting, "hegemonic" one might say.

    He listened initially to a lot of alternative and indie sort of things and some standard classic rock. Eventually he started listening to punk and ska. That is where I kind of stopped "following" him. He went on to listen to a lot of psychedelic rock while I continued there and started to discover things that he'd never been aware of. Our tastes diverged and it was fine and good.

    Anyway, I don't think we can really expect another person to like the music we like. We can't necessarily "condition" others to do that. I feel this way because when someone exerted that kind of pressure on me, I didn't like it.

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    Should I have induced his ears when he was five with Slayer and Rammstein?
    No. You should have made him listen to this:

    And then watch your mother have a fit.

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    You didn't go anywhere wrong but is it too hard to believe that not everyone wants to like rock and metal? People are allowed to like other genres and have their own opinion. Let your brother listen to what he wants and don't shove your opinions in his ears because you'll come across like an arsehole.

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    YOU did not do anything wrong, it was his choice, for myself i listen to many types of music, rap, hip-hop is not my fav but i will still listen to it.

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    I bet he's wondering where he went wrong in trying to steer you away from rock and into (what he thinks is) proper music.

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    He probably enjoys the same music his friends enjoy. That's usually how it works, though when I was in college, I influenced a lot of classically trained musicians to listen to rock and what was current at the time. Some people are trend setters, some ride the trends, some are retro, and others are niche. To each their own.

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    I recall when I was younger I was coerced into listening to more heavy rock and such and almost immediately was repulsed by it. I ended up listening to classical and it wasn't until I was much older that I started to connect classical music with heavy metal and other genres. Forcing someone to like a certain genre of music is like forcing someone to fancy a grouping of food. When I was first introduced to chili I absolutely despised it because it was forced down my throat. I love chili more than some blood-relatives at this point.

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