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    Do you guys think browsing daily diapers is safe? I just wanted to know what the community though.

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    Like I saw some of the pictures on their pages and it goes a bit too far in my opinion. Morally I feel it may be a little wrong. But did I break any laws by going there? Basically is it illegal that I may have seen some questionable content that I regret?


    I'll be staying on this site from now on.

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    Also is their privacy policy questionable? I can't seem to find it.

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    If you under 18, then it is against their policy (and ADISC's) for you to be on the site, but not necessarily illegal. If you aren't comfortable with what is on their site, then it would be best to stay off of it. As long as you don't provide any real life information about yourself (which you shouldn't do on MOST websites), then it should be safe enough and the privacy policy shouldn't be anything to be worried about.

    If you're under 18, stay off DD (and ADISC, too) until you are old enough.
    If you're uncomfortable with the site, stay off.
    Don't provide any real life information. (Ie. Real Name, location, etc. Birthday my be required. (as it is on ADISC))

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    Thanks for the info. I am 18 so I do meet the criteria of the sites in question .

    Yeah, I'll be staying over on this site, rather than the other one.


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    I don't see what is wrong with the other site. It's an 18 and up site and there are no minors. You won't find any pictures of minors there.

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    You're not breaking any laws by going on DD, but they pander more to the fetish and sexual stimulation. I've read some of their stories, but their pictures are either silly or mundane. Anyway, you are the person with choice. ADISC is a good site, and one that caters to intelligent discourse which is why I'm here and not there.

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    Like Dogboy said DD is definitely more sexually oriented, and they host a fair amount of porn on their website as well. Defiinitely not a website that you would want to be caught browsing at work... But then again neither is ADISC..

    Definitely nothing illegal on DD though. Possibly morally questionable depending on how you view porn, though.

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    Anything that would be illegal/questionable would be dealt with by the mods like it would be here, yeah their site leans towards the fetish end when more than we do but it's all legal and you can't get arrested for looking at that stuff. They don't want to get arrested either remember so they'll want to be sure that everything posted there is OK. You can go there but if you don't like the sexual stuff then fair enough because it isn't everyone's cup of tea, no one will blame you if you want to stay here and avoid there.

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    There are some good stories on there and more that go a little too far for me those i just dont read! Same goes for pictures there are alot of good and quality pictures but alot more old people and random crotch shots so you gotta sift thru all that however they do seem to have a great reviews section and have in general had accurate info and most have pictures of what each diaper looks like both new and being worn!

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    I'm a member on both sites and i don't see anything wrong or illegal on there.
    the old Deeker site was really creepy and was shut down.

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    I'm a member of both, and each site has their pros and cons.

    This site is more of based on community. Flame wars still happen, but it's the nature of the beast with message boards. People have a lot of thought-out responses here and are generally kind.

    DailyDiapers thrives on information, and a larger userbase. It's a wonderful place if you need a review, want a response quick or need to look up an old topic.

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