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Thread: Nuk 5 pacifiers vs little boys

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    Default Nuk 5 pacifiers vs little boys

    So I have a few regular nuk 3 pacifiers that I chewed a hole in, and I was wondering if anyone knew if the nuk 5 teats are thicker to resist this sorta thing.

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    They are thicker, but with some effort + time you'll likely chew a hole in a nuk 5 too. It all depends on how and why your chewing pacifiers.

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    The title doesn't seem what this thread is about...uhhh...yeah....

    Anyway...from what I've seen somewhat, but don't chew on your pacis. Especially when nuk5's run 20 bucks on Amazon.

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    I just sorta chew on them while I'm working on my homework,... I might think about getting a teething ring...

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    I thought this thread was going to be about how Nuk 5 only making girly designs or something. Like, rawr, not enough boyish designs or something.

    I don't really chew my pacifiers though, I can't be much help. Maybe get a sort of teething ring like you said for the chewing times.

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    Pacifiers are not meant for chewing but you might want to use something like a teething ring that was mentioned earlier.

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