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    Hey guys just thought I'd help a few of my fellow AB's out. Privatina have currently got a sale on but the trick is you have to find the discount code (kinda like an Adult Baby Easter egg hunt)

    When you find the code you can get 30% off but its buried in the shop somewhere and the shop is pretty HUGE.

    But I found it !

    So for those in the market for some Easter clothes you can go to : Link

    And if you use the code G27805YZ you'll get a 30% discount.

    It only lasts until 02/04/2013

    And may be subject to change

    Nikki x

    note to admins: I have no affiliation to the company

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    @ kitten it has not passed. In Germany 02/04/2013 is the 2nd of April, not the 4th of February. We read it differently.

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    Ok. Sorry. I have seen it wrote that way before but not nearly as often.

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    Actually until a couple of months ago, it was the way older dates were shown on posts. I recommended that we change to the current form (today would be shown as 22 Mar 2013). This recommendation was implemented. I would recommend that anyone who posts a date do it in an unambiguous form (basically use an abbreviation or the full name, in English for the month).

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    ummm you're welcome, feel free to click the link I took the trouble of adding perhaps before commenting next time, seriously it takes less time. I live in the UK and thats how we write dates apologies for not being clear enough for you !

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    I'm tempted to buy one of their snowsuits, and 30% off would make it much more tempting. Thank you for sharing this with us. I've not clicked the link though, I want to go hunting for it first!

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    It's not a flat 30% discount. The website says that discounts will range from 5% to 30%. But presumably you won't know till you've submitted the order. There could only be one item that attracts the 30% discount, or maybe it will only be awarded to one order.

    That's how I read it anyway.

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    There are multiple discount codes on the site, so perhaps they have different discounts for each code. I've found five so far - really tempted to make an order, but I'd like to know how it works first.

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