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Thread: What An Adult Baby Wants Video

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    Default What An Adult Baby Wants Video

    Greetings again! Well, I have been really quiet lately... work has sucked me dry pretty much with my days off always split up so it's only 1 day and then back to work. It's been REALLY hard to do anything else other

    This is the most "Risque" I have ever gone and probably ever will go as far as shots are concerned. It's carefully edited and safe however. (Of course.)

    I was asked to do a video discussing "what AB/DL's want", but obviously this is a generalization since exactly what an individual wants will differ.

    I hope to be more active as this really is a great support site. (Mainly because it is so well moderated and filled with nice people!)

    Love and hugs,


    My Youtube Channel:
    Baby Mitchy - YouTube

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    I respect your work and honor you videos that you have made! I just wanna tell you keep up the good work and i say you make a great leader in AB/DL world here if there is another AB/DL interview show or whatever show it may be next i really think you should be interviewed i think you have what it takes to show the world AB/DL in a positive way and bring light in a great way

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    You are awesome. you speak to help and it all makes sense. plus you're from pa gotta love it. keep on doing what you do.

    - - - Updated - - -

    You are awesome. you speak to help and it all makes sense. plus you're from pa gotta love it. keep on doing what you do.

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    Onya Mitch, kudos for havin a go. It spins me out how similarly your understanding is to mine about this stuff. Funny because it kind of affirms for me that this is not just some fanciful thing that I've created in my head and that my experience, feelings and needs are common to other people. Still think you've got some huge

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    You are awesome, thanks for maiking a video and sharing your thoughts and invitation for others to accept us.

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    This is hella well done. Thankyou for putting yourself out there

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    Thanks! I know I've shown more than ever which is going to creep people out though. I kind of feel like I had to push it a little though to let more out? I dunno. I wanted to show that here I am, a nerdy adult that has to do stuff like shave and drive a car but I also have a kid side that likes to jump in puddles etc.

    I actually did even more kid stuff but wasn't able to fit it all... but that's good cause I can save it for later.

    I know reaching out mentioning how hard it is to deal with it especially as a teenager was not related but I can't help but feel I need to say it in case someone that needs to hear is listening.... /shrug

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    Has anyone ever said you look distractingly like Mike Patton? Before I did anyway.

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    What the????
    Mike Patton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    LOL... No...!!
    I checked I don't see the resemblance.....
    But I was told I looked like one of the jack#$$ guys but they are in pa out of West Chester so that's not as much of a surprise.

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    Thank you for making this video. It was nice to watch, and even though you said it was a generalization, I think everything you said applied to me. And towards the end, I just knew you were going to say "I'm not pretending." Hehe. Well done and thank you again.

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