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    I'm thinking about buying a pull on from Babykins. It's the Kins 1" waist band (terry lined) pull on. What i'm asking is, is Babykins trustworthy and discrete co. and are the pull ons any good. I'll only be wearing them over my disposables at night. If you've had any dealings with them and tried these, please let me know what you thought. thanks guys.

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    Hi wetd. I have made a number of orders with babykins and they are very good. I will be ordering again as I like there plasric pants and pull up cloth diapers. Have fun.

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    I regularly use babykins pull-on cloth diapers at night for bedwetting and like them very much. The pull-ons are comfortable and work well. I have had good experience ordering from Kins as well.

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    Thanks so much. I'll order tonight when I get home from work.

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