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    So today I remembered that I had a muscle shirt too big for me so while wearing my Pampers I put on the big muscle shirt and safety pin down the part that snugs the bottom of my diaper. Its is safe because the pins are wrapped inside the material. The rest of the loose muscle shirt just gets folded inside the muscle shirt. It's is so snug that it feels just like a onesie! Not only do I have a onesie now but my nappy is warmer for a longer time and it wont sagg when flooded! :p

    I would post pics on how I did it and how it looks but I don't think I'm allowed(?)

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    That is indeed an easy way of making a onesie. Thanks for sharing! I've found that over time, repeatedly using a safety pin can kind of shred up an undershirt. One way I've found to remedy this is to permanently sew on a snap or button. You can buy packages of snaps from stores like Target and Joann's for about $1.50, and if you can manage a needle and thread it's pretty easy to apply them.

    You shouldn't have a problem posting any pictures. Generally, we ask that people not post crotch shots (pictures where the main focus is your crotch or diaper) unless there's a good reason for it, like displaying a product or design. This would seem to fit just fine in that category. If you're ever in doubt, see our Community Rules, in particular section 10.

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    Thanks for the tip. I will look for some metal snaps next time I got to the store.

    Okay, since I'm not sure if some of you need something visual to grasp how I did it, I will post some images for references. If an image or images violates the rules please delete. I don't mean to offend anyone.

    1.Okay, so put on the shirt the safety pin the middle part so that it snuggs your nappy like on pic 1.

    2. fold in the remaining fabric inside the shirt like on pic 2.

    3. do step step 2 on the backside like pic 3.

    4. fold it don't just roll it inside or it will go back like it was when you move.

    5. has you can see in pic 4 the safety pins go there and are not touching the skin or the nappy and are very safe between the soft fabric.

    6.on pic 5 you can see the end result. it is very comfortable.

    although it doesn't show my method of applying the safety pins. what i did was just puncture both side at the same time and the going back to the side i started. make sure you leave a bit of fabric so the safety pins become wrap between the fabric.

    I don't worry about the safety pins breaking because the shirt is very stretchy.
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    I bet you could even make more adjustments, e.g. pulling the front of the shirt longer than the back so it can work as more of a flap, maybe even adding some buttons, all very easy DIY stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by keepindl View Post
    That is a neat idea for folks that want to try
    Glad you like it!

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVimes View Post
    My god you are thin! Heheh :-)
    I've always been.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilyshore View Post
    I bet you could even make more adjustments, e.g. pulling the front of the shirt longer than the back so it can work as more of a flap, maybe even adding some buttons, all very easy DIY stuff!
    Those are actually really easy and neat ideas. Thanks for your input!

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