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Thread: How do I find/connect with a big sister or mommy?

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    Question How do I find/connect with a big sister or mommy?

    I am a closet baby girl who has never met anyone of a similar mindset before. Even as a real-life baby, I had tremendous difficulty leaving diapers and my baby-hood, and would secretly wear them through my childhood. No one, even my parents, ever knew of this.

    Unfortunately, this mindset caused me a lot of difficulty in my social life, because I would look to my female friends as mommy-figures, even though they had no idea of secret life, and most would react negatively to my neediness and become confused by my increasingly childish behavior. When I'd find myself faced with rejection from my unwitting friends, it would tear me apart inside, I wanted so badly for someone to take the hand I was reaching out. I even had friends who would give a half-response, and treat me somewhat like a child (a couple friends would spank me, just while I was standing up, if I did something bad), but I always felt to shy to let them know what that really meant to me and how far I wanted to take it. I even started to do things wantonly to hurt myself, like falling off of chairs, just for the attention, protectiveness and child-like punishment I might receive.

    Clearly, this isn't a healthy or productive way of experiencing my fantasy, and involves probably unwilling participants. Now that I have been reading and researching, it seems like so many people have been able to find mommies, big sisters or babysitters to play out their fantasies with in mutual enjoyment.

    I am aching for this, but I have no idea how or where to find someone! I am a college student and extremely poor (much to poor for distance travel or hiring a dominatrix). I have checked out a couple networking sites, but those don't have many mommies/big sisters, they have mostly males and other ABs, and the mommies they do have tend to be significantly older than me.

    I only would feel safe with someone who felt like a friend as well, close to my age or slightly older (21-29), and female. This feels impossible sometimes, but as I continue to act stupid around my regular friends, I am becoming more and more desperate! I am feeling so trapped not to be myself!!

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    Put yourself out there. Just be you. Eventually people will reach out to you.....


    Your a gurrrrrrl? You have no idea how much that helps... although finding a mommy/sister may be difficult. You just have to be open and active in the AB/DL community. This is not a hook-up site, but, that doesn't mean people don't meet here. Check out littles munches also:

    Have patience. Wax on.... Wax off.

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    Anyway you could open your mind to the possibility of a daddy instead? Because if you did it would be significantly easier. Not saying finding a mommy is impossible, just more rare.

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    I think it would be easier for you to find a switch as well. There is give and take in any relationship. Just like with real parent/child relationships sometimes the baby takes care of mommy or daddy too.

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    Perhaps friends might be better than a relationship. Imagine a household with like 4 people who take turns looking after each other and playing.

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    I thought you were asking about the logistics of connecting, something I'm curious about myself, but here's my blathering:

    If older people can ageplay as younger than they are, then conversely a younger person should be able to play an older role. When you say 'big sister' that role could easily be covered by a S/LG of proportionate 'age'. I suppose it all depends on how deep you want to regress. What I'm trying to convey is that there is more to it than just Mommies, Daddies and Littles, keep your mind open to the possibilities; a good session should rest on a clear mutual understanding on what parts of the fantasy each party fulfills in relation to the other

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    I looked at your profile for some orientation. Since you are a lesbian, perhaps you could find a partner first, and one who is into alternative experiences. I would first explore the campus LGBT group.

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    Thank you guys all so much, these are all really good answers and have given me a lot to think about and to explore! I have just checked out the website, and right away found a regular munch that happens just down the street from where I live! I will explore all of these suggestions, and I feel like discovering this age play community practically next door to me will help introduce me to people who would offer a whole variety of friendships and even relationships to be experienced in a way that all can enjoy mutually.

    Again, thank you guys so much!!! You have really helped open me up to what this community has to offer!

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    I definitely will! I connected with the administrator of the munch, and I will be going to my first one in just a few days! I'm feeling both excited and elated, like a dead weight has been lifted!

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