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Thread: Best premium pull-up diaper

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    Default Best premium pull-up diaper

    I have hurt my arm and only have one good arm so i was wondering what is the best pull up to try?

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    I wish I could help in this department but my experience is limited to the stuff they carry at drugstores/ Walmart. Hopefully someone has your best answer but you may have to get them online.

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    I have tried a few different ones. Whatever you get in a store is pretty close to nothing short of a napkin stuck inside the crotch of paper granny panties. I have tried three different premiums from online however. I have tried the Tranquility Premium OverNight Pull-On diapers, Abena AbriFlex Premium M-3 Pull-on's, and the Abena AbriFlex Special M-2 Protective Underwear.

    All three of these were fairly good products and included a very rare (but exceptionally necessary) feature in adult pull-on protection.....standing leak guards. These are the one thing that I have always looked for when it came to trying a pull-on and I wouldn't settle for less.

    The Abr-Flex Specials were interesting. They are much more absorbent than any store brand pull-on for sure. They are more secure than any other pant I have tried and hold up very well to some light to medium activity and all day wear as normal underwear. They will hold one very good wetting without concern, but any more is pushing it.

    The Tranquility overnights and AbrFlex M-3's are much more substantial when it comes to absorption. The Abena holds more fluids than the Tranquility, but the overnights are no slouch either. The M-3's are very comfortable and can hold more fluid than the the pant can really support standing up. The Overnights are probably better bang for the buck, and the peach mat is awesome. If you have never tried any Tranquility products, read up on the peach mat and know that it really does work.

    If I were you, I would look into either the AbriFlex M-3 or the Tranquility Overnight. If capacity is no concern, the specials are awesome to wear. There was a good time period that they replaced my regular underwear without me ever really noticing or consciously making the decision to. In fact, the only reason I noticed was the fact that I ran out of the pants and had to go back to regular boring old cotton.

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    I prefer the Tena pull ups. They hold a lot and are very comfortable in my experience.

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    I will agree with Llayden, the Tranquility overnight pull-ups are the best I've tried thus far and certainly hold a good amount. I would say they hold more than a Depends overnight brief and have decent standing leak guards also, which is a great plus for both wetting and messing.

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