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    I am a college student graduating in May and have just started the process of improving my resume and such for job applications. I have had panic attacks in the past triggered from different causes, but have recently found that just about anything involving the job application process has been a panic attack trigger. Anyone else ever had severe job application anxiety?

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    Well i have not had job application anxiety i have interview anxiety its like a have a wonderful personality but when im in a interview i freeze up but i am getting way better at it now then in the past

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    I'm like you Zach i get very nervous during interviews, i get really bad dry mouth, and sometimes stumble on my words, but i got through my last two interviews, and may even get an offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    I'm like you Zach i get very nervous during interviews, i get really bad dry mouth, and sometimes stumble on my words, but i got through my last two interviews, and may even get an offer.
    really man? Thought i was the only one lol

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    Oh god -- I get terrible anxiety generally, but job applications kill me. I procrastinate, I can't work out what to write on my CV, I then I worry about all the expectations that will be put upon me when I get a job, and how stressful it will be. Then I tend to go blank in the interview, get a dry mouth, need to go to the loo every 5 minutes, physically shake, forget my name, try to shake hands with the hat stand, spill coffee everywhere and accidentally set off the sprinkler system. It seems like a miracle when I get a job, but the anxiety has really hampered my career... :-(

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    I feel your pain. Job hunting can be brutal. My best advice is to focus on the process and not the result. Take comfort in the fact that everyday your are taking steps towards your goal and you are closer to it than you were the day before.

    People my laugh at this suggestion but it would recommend reading "What Color is Your Parachute?". Some of the things I read in the book didn't quite jive with me. But, overall it gave my job hunting a focus and plan of action I was lacking before I read the book.

    I would also highly recommend volunteering at a place that interests you while you are looking for a job. It is fun, good experience, and looks great on your resume.

    Remember you have more to offer than you think you do. Believe in yourself!

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    I am also job hunting at the moment and it is quite hard. I tend to be quite breezy with the application part but yeah actual job interviews are a nightmare - you're not alone there. Best of luck with the job search.

    ps. Is anyone here looking to hire a full time teddy bear tester? Im well experienced in both cuddling AND snuggling -the full works....

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    Generally, a little bit of anxiety may not be that bad, it keeps you concentrated, but well... if it's too much. I kinda know this feeling... your hands start to shake, your heartbeat goes through the roof, you start to babble senseless stuff, etc :'(

    It may sound kinda dumb, but which helps me the best is simply to prepare as good as i can, there's nothing much else i could do anyway. And take a deep breath and get to it! In the end it works out or not. As long as i don't pass out, it's the best i could do. So no reason to blame myself, if it goes wrong =)

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