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Thread: well there goes my planned weekend

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    Default well there goes my planned weekend

    Planned to have a nice weekend of diaper wearing as i live at home had got house to my self as parents was on holiday but they cancelled the holiday now as weather is not good

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    Aww *snuggles*

    It's ok, I'm sure they will try to find some time to make it up and hopefully you will be able to enjoy yourself then.

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    Been there, done that, know exactly how you feel!

    As kwisy says though, hang in there & maybe there will be another opportunity soon

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    That's a shame! I hope you manage to find something else fun to do this weekend, so the time isn't a total loss or anything. Something else you have fun doing and all, but I understand it won't be the same. You just deserve to do something happy and fun, so I hope you don't just sit around feeling sad and blue because of the missed opportunity.

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    Don't feel bad, my parents ruin shit for me all the time, and I don't even live with them anymore........

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    Don't feel so down about it bro. Unfortunately, these kinds of things end up happening from time to time, there's nothing you can do about it.

    Then again, I guess it'll make the next time you plan it all the more special since it'll make up for this time.

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    I remember those kinds of let downs back in the day.

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    ...the first thing you need to do is remind your folks how wonderful it can be to go out for the evening, see a show, go to a nice restaurant.... Convince them that they deserve that, as they have had to cancel their trip.
    ... that should buy you a good 4-5 hours :-)


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    Thanks for the replys peeps looks like my weekend is sorta back on became apparent why my dad wasn't himself last night looks like he has a had another mini stroke he had day off today and re booked the holiday. just wish i could have a few more days of been padded

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