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Thread: diaper experience

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    Default diaper experience

    what is you best and worst diaper experience?

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    Best: wetting in a crowded supermarket surrounded by unsuspecting shoppers

    Worst: having the padding break up on a generic Depend while working, as the lumps rolled down my leggings, out the ankle to the ground

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    Best: I recently got my first pack of diapers and they are great! Basically just hanging around, getting comfortable. I went to hang out with some friends and they were none the wiser.

    Worst: Don't really have a worst yet but I haven't been able to wet. I'm getting there. Very shy bladder.

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    Best: Went shopping and wet in three different stores, one while being waited on.

    Worst: A Depend leaked and I wet the bed.

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    Best: Being padded while hanging out with a fellow ADISC member who lives near me.

    Worst: Getting busted by my Mom.

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    I've got several best and I find it hard to choose one of them: one time I've been wearing a Tena-pants underneath a Seni diaper and I had a huge molicare over that. So I had a wonderfull day: I gathered my friends and my beloved in a bowling, then we had some snacks and beer, then we played pool for some time, then my wife unfortunately had to leave uor company, but me and guys had a lot of walking in a park, shopping in a digital store and talking about nothing till the very evening.. do I have to mention that I've visited bathroom only twice to remove the inner layer of the padding?) When I got home I've messed my last diaper.. that was a pretty good day!)

    Another story: I had recently have to move out of an apartment I was renting.. I was alone and I had only 2 hours to pack all the things... and there was plenty actually. I was really anxious and I had really a lot of stuff to pack and check. The good thing: I had a diaper on since morning so wile I was sorting my belongings I didn't have to worry about the toilet at all)))

    I can't realy say was it a good experience or was it terrible (because it was a hard day after all), but I guess I enjoyed using my diaper the way it is meant to! It really helped me save time and relax a little in the very stressfull situation. I love that and I recommend it to anyone who's in in a great hurry like I was.

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    Best: Getting a good use out of one specific GoodNite, kept thinking how it was wonderful it was being so uncharacteristically tough under pressure! Very nice!

    Worst: Accidentally wearing one in public! Even if it was under clothes and no one found out, I'm not the type to enjoy that sort of thing. It was so humiliating and I was so nervous the entire time. I just wanted to hide in a hole until the day was done!

    Though my mom digging through my personal things in my own home and finding them was a close second. She didn't say anything though, since she had no right to. She shouldn't have been looking in the first place!

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    Best: Favorite; calling in sick to work while wearing my first Bambino Teddy (sigh*). Most memorable; wetting in a hotel lobby at my GF's request. (heartrate 200) (under clothing of course!)

    Worst: Entering the crowded but quiet elevator with a soaked and still crinkly diaper next to that same lobby! The longest elevator ride ever!!!

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    Best was this year i wore a diaper to the movies and wet it while at the cinema. Worst was i was wearing a diaper under my pjs and i went downstairs to ask my mom something and my sometimes asshole older brother said as loud as he could that my diaper was showing and i know it was not

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    Best would be wetting my Pampers Babydry at my bench at work
    Worst would be when the side panel of my wet Drynite ripped at work with no way of disposing of it.

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