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Thread: i about killed my dog today

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    Default i about killed my dog today

    so today i decided to go to the kids rooms and empty their Diaper cans so i took the two bags and put them up high where the dog couldnt reach them (or so i thought). i then left to go pick the kids up at school and when i got home my german shepard had both bags down tore open then shreded two weeks worth of wet goodnites and 2 weeks worth of wet pull ups and drug them all over the house. when we come in my brother got very embaressed over his goodnites being drug all over the house as his best friend was with us. luckily his friend undrestood and accepted zach as a bed wetter with out any troubble. but i know a dog that is gonna be kenneled from now on when im not home.

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    Default i about killed my dog today

    Not cool. I have a cat that likes to eat my Apple cables.

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    I thought you almost killed him as in death and I was like "WHAT?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaloAllen View Post
    Not cool. I have a cat that likes to eat my Apple cables.
    yeah for some reason animals like those when he was a puppy he used to eat my iphone cords.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I thought you almost killed him as in death and I was like "WHAT?"
    uh no id NEVER do that. Zach really wanted to though, he kicked him hard before i pulled him away. poor dog didnt understand why zach did that. but hey Dogs will be Dogs they always get into stuff their not supposed to. not exactly a good day.

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    If something like that happened on TV I'd probably be ROFL, if it happens in RL it's not so funny. My brother who lives back at home as well has a 'doggy day care business' with sometimes up to 8 dogs, including our own 2. I cringe at the thought that one day I could have Executive Dysfunction completely ruin my life by me forgetting to close my bedroom door completely before heading to the shop, and having a house full of dogs (including the 2 household ones that are onto me already) where all it takes is just 1 to knock the wastebasket over, and..."aw, FML"

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    luckily they wern't mine they were the kid's. so i was at least spared but zach was a little put out. ive been in his shoes before not a very fun situation for a 7 year old boy. Callum was just like "Wat ever" he aint at the age to be emmbaresed by it yet.

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    Aw don't pen it up all day, it doesn't even remember that it happened

    Positive reinforcement is the only way to get a dog to want to be good!

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    if anything he'll probbly go in garage or in the fenced in section of the back yard but it will be a while before i trust him in the house alone.

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    Default i about killed my dog today

    At least your kids friend was ok with the fact he wore Goodnites.

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    Aww, that is a shame! I'm so glad his friend was accepting, and I hope that lasts and he doesn't suffer any extended embarrassment from the situation. It sounds like something that would really make me sad, at least right when it was happening. Poor kid. ;-;

    Doggies sure can be naughty sometimes, it's a shame they can't be trusted to just roam free without supervision without doing such things. It's not like you wanna put him somewhere he can't be naughty, I'm sure you would want him to be a good doggie and not make big messes. Sometimes though, we just don't have choices.. I hope that the doggie learns his lesson and starts acting like a good boy soon too!

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