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Thread: I think I might still be a child. :(

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    Default I think I might still be a child. :(

    Ever feel like youíre growing up without actually doing so?

    Itís the one thing Iíve noticed about myself over the years and at times, I can be quite insecure about it.

    I deal with customers up to forty hours a week and most of them are ether around my age or a few years younger.

    Iím currently thirty three years old and I have somewhat of a baby face, even with facial hair features, my voice isnít that deep at all unless I do my best to sound dull and I Iíve notice after taking a few steps back every now and again, my personality hasnít really changed much since that of a kid.

    Iím somewhat of a self-conscious person by nature, but at the same time, I try my best not to break myself down too much because I know itís not a positive thing to do.

    I just find it annoying or maybe even amusing that someone around eighteen years of age could seem so much mature than I am at my current age.

    I guess though, Iíve always been a walking contradiction to myself, now that I think about it.

    How many people do you know who would LOVE to be treated like a baby, but hates being treated like a kid?

    Life is too complicated!

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    I am 40 years old and know I don't score all that in the maturity department myself, mentally that is (lol).

    As far as having a kids voice, I envy you. After having a baritone voice for 27 years I'm kind of sick of it. I hate having body hair now, too. As a teenager, I loved having thos kind of signs of maturity. Now, It's just something that can turn gray (lol).

    I'd love to be treated like a baby, restricted like a kid, and "overprotected" like a kid. But, I don't like being talked down to like a kid. If that's what you are saying.

    Accept yourself as you are. If you hold a 40-hour job and do the best you can, and can take care of yourself (if no CT is around, lol) you have all the maturity you need.

    Take care my friend.

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    yah I know were your comming from I have a very soft vice to

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    I don't think there is any moment where we turn into "adults". Most people, including non ABs, have the same feelings you do. As I have gotten older in have come to realize that everyone is sort of faking their maturity. All people have insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. The best thing to do is love and accept yourself regardless.

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    It's funny you would say that newlimit, because I've always somewhat thought the same thing. I figured it would be through conditioning though, because I can go a long period of "acting" mature, but I get extremely bored with it quick and find myself, being myself without even thinking about it. Don't get me wrong, I love and accept myself to the most of my ability, but sometimes, I'm just like: "Yo! God! When you gonna hook a brotha up?" ROFL

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    I know what you mean OP, I'm not very good with responsibility and self-restraint!

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    I still feel very much like a child. I'm short, have the round baby face, and have a very soft sweet voice. I never stopped playing with dolls, sleeping with my stuffed bunny, and collecting girly stuff. And I seem to like hanging around and playing with children more than adults.

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    I honestly feel this way quite a bit, mainly due to how I had to act more mature and act like everyone in my grade (I skipped my 5th grade education for the record) and having to act more like them in order to fit in. Having to "grow up" way too fast and not really experiencing that much of a childhood.

    So, every now and then, I try to act more "kiddy" in a way, to attempt and have a chance with those experiences should they pop up.

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    Body hair is EWWWW!!!

    So, yea, wish I were young /looked young
    But, I dont look young, but I feel young

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