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    So today I set off to the job center, now that I'm better from my surgery I can get back to the real world. Just 30 min ago I got to the job center 1h 10min erly for my appointment due to the busses. Whils haveingvolcal transactions with the employee that stood there to assist I got the impression that she viewed me as some delinquent planning to set the place on fire. She even used the word loitering to described my disposition for the 9 mins I was there. Now to say I do have a rather liberal aperance I have long hair tied back and full length black leather jacket, just imagine someone from the matrix thats got stubbly chin. So I pose the question was she being over judgemental of me? Or am I miss reading the situation entirely? Eather way I still fell that anyone should be alowed to sit peacefully worm and comfortable till thay are served. Being ushered out like was quite disconcerting.

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    I don't really know anything about the dynamics of a job center, so this is largely speculation and just general social common sense speaking. Being over an hour early for an appointment is too much to expect an office to deal with your presence. The ideal would be to go and get a coffee (or whatever) someplace reasonably nearby and wait it out so you can arrive the reasonable 15 minutes ahead of time. However, if that's not practical for whatever reason, I'd explain myself to whoever is there in reception or the equivalent and ask if it would be alright to wait until my appointment. When you make it clear that you understand it's something of an imposition, it can change the whole vibe. If you're turned down after that, you know you've made the requisite social effort and you get to take a chilly walk for an hour.

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    I am typing this with reservations, but also as someone that has been on both sides of the interview table. So PLease just think about what I am asking, and accept that I am just saying this as a friendly offer.

    From what I read, and my past experience, and imagining someone from "THE MATRIX"; is this a presentation that is going to convince a "Stick up their @## Suit" that you are a none high maintence canidate for a job that actually pays well?

    Just a thought. I hate interviewing for a job! No matter what I did I still felt like a "Tuna at the Tokyo Fish action".

    I wish you luck in finding a job, and I am so sorry if this herts your fellings. I am just offering assistants.

    I also can relate to the looking for a job after injury. I interviewed for a job and it was the FIRST time I attempted to walk without my cane after I broke BOTH ankles in home farm accident. So of course I did not get it because I was over weight and could not walk up and down the stairs in this office without moaning. My recruter was full of shit, because I still think I should have told them about the reason, instead of them thinking I was so fat I was a health risk. THe recruiters reasoning was they might think more about I have injurious accident and thus a liability. THe good side of the story (I guess) is the company went under two year later.

    So hang in there and good hunting.

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