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Thread: Dependeco Diapers: Discreet Shipping?

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    Default Dependeco Diapers: Discreet Shipping?

    It feels strange making so many new threads on a forum in such recent time, and for that I apologize. I'll try to make this my last topic. I made this post because I'm getting pretty anxious about making my purchase finally, and I'm just looking for a quick answer.

    So tonight I've finally hit my conclusion of what I would like to purchase in my cloth diaper journey (thanks to you guys), and that would be these my little pony diapers I have found on Etsy right here ( Adult Cloth Diaper My Little Pony Your Size by nevergrownup ) And a little cuties cloth diaper from Dependeco ( Little Cutie ), after having been given info from you guys. The only concern and question I have now is, does Dependeco ship discreetly?

    From anyone who has ordered here, were the diapers shipped in a discreet box, and have you ever gotten junk mail from the site upon purchasing your diaper? also, once ordered, about how long does it take for the diaper to be made and shipped?
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    Based on their statement of: " Flat shipping rate of $5.95 to all 50 states." I would presume that they're shipping via USPS flat rate boxes, and thus, fairly discreet.

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    Everthing comes in a USPS envelope or box with only a business card enclosed with the shipment. You will not get any advertiseing in the mail
    or via email. Depending on when you order it's normally 1 to 2 days after reciept of order.
    You will also get a shipment conformation from Pay Pal.

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    woah, that's fast!
    Alright then, after all these months I finally made my first cloth order. Thank you guys for all of your help! ^u^

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    My two ,seperate orders came in a secure plastic postal bag, with a custom sticker stating content as "shorts" so no one was any the wiser, 4/5 working day delivery (to the UK) excelent quality,

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