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Thread: Can you switch gender when regressing?

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    Default Can you switch gender when regressing?

    When I'm out during the day I think of myself more as a back-in-diapers preteen boy, but at night when it's just me I indulge in my S/LG tendencies (I haven't fully developed my role there yet). Mainly it's because the wardrobe is already there but also I don't think I have the nerve to go out alone dolled up but I imagine if I had someone close I could go out with (a Sister, I suppose) I wouldn't be as anxious.

    Anyway I suppose it is possible to be both, but do you have the ability to go back-and-forth as a Little?

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    Well for me, switching gender would be being a LB instead of a LG.. and I dunno. Being a little boy sorta sounds kinda pretty cootietastic. I'll have SO MUCH COOTIES if I did that. Hehehe.

    I guess it might be interesting though, I've never tried it. I mean, even with my issues and my very strongly being a LG, I still like to toy around with some stuff. So although I am pretty sure it wouldn't be as rewarding for me, wouldn't make me feel the happiness that I do.. I'm interested in just giving it a chance. Not exactly sure how I would go about it though, being a little boy instead of a little girl. How I would actually do that, I mean. Heh. I guess I don't know if I'm capable or not. Maybe someone in this thread might give me an idea how one would do that.

    Interesting topic all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOPaddED View Post
    Anyway I suppose it is possible to be both, but do you have the ability to go back-and-forth as a Little?
    I think that being an AB / Little actually ENCOURAGES people to express themselves as a different gender. If you're regressing/age-play then you are already used to the idea that you can feel and act in a radically different way than what is expected of you on the basis of your physical every-day self, and once you have become slightly detached in that way, then maybe your sense of self is less like a dog in a kennel and more like a dog on a long lead: it's very tempting for it to pull on the lead wandering around investigating anything that smells interesting.

    I'm not saying this is certain, but I speculate that some time in the future when there is a better understanding of the psychology which creates the sense of self, that we will see being trans*, being AB and other states where your sense of self is not in accord with the rest of your body are actually similar in some ways - just a thought.

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