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Thread: Easy fit into Huggies overnites

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    Default Easy fit into Huggies overnites

    This is my first thread/post so apologies in advance if I do something incorrectly. I was intending to purchase pampers extra protection size 6 but in my haste, selected the huggies overnites size 6. Needless to say...they aren't nearly as stretchy as pampers, though they are not inelastic. They do indeed make good stuffers as they seem to be more absorbent than most baby diapers. On to the point...sorry for rambling.

    The tapes (not the wings) on the huggies overnites are among the best of the baby diapers, when considering surface area of fastener, fastening hold, and re-fasten ability. This is key for the modification to make the tapes fit comfortably all the way to the intended fastening surface on the front of the diaper, not the edges which tend to break off. Now onto the may have helped here but I'm lazy and it's really very simple if your holding one.

    Required: 2 Huggies Overnites diapers size 6

    1.) Remove the 2 tapes from as close to the back of the diaper as possible (tearing with fingers is easy enough and sufficient)

    2.) On the second diaper, place the torn wing UNDER (so tapes face correct way + added durability) the sticky side and wrap around evenly. Repeat for other side.

    And thats it!

    It still fits like a baby diaper(shocker!) but the legs aren't constricted, and the diaper you took the tapes off will nicely fit inside this or another diaper. If you have a larger waist, simply add another tape in the same fashion.

    I've got on two of these of top of each other and I have a 32'' waist for reference. Hope this can be helpful!!

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    I'll have to try this, so far Overnites only fit with tape on a 30" waist but they do hold a huge amount and are substantially longer lasting and absorbent than the Extra Protections.... Which certainly have their upsides... They fit without modification, though tight, they smell amazing and seem to wick moisture away better as the diaper reaches maximum capacity vs the Overnites which are just soaked inside before they start to leak.

    Thanks for the tip--will have to try this real soon. 30" waist, love a full EP or Overnite, they swell like crazy.

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