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Thread: what baby age are you?

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    Default what baby age are you?

    For me I like to be around 1 year old I just want to be taken care of and have everything done for me.
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    I'm more of a toddler, I'm usually around the ages of 2-4. Heh being 4 but has a hard time with potty training :P I try to be a playful little bro to people who are older than me or I can be that responsible big bro xD. In my babystate I liked to be hugged :P

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    I'm two years old... I definitely need my diapers, but I'm also very mobile, very talkative, and very mischievous : )

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    I say I'm usually 3 years old cause then I can play with toys both for babies and the toys that are for 3+ years of course I still gotta be in diapers cause when I'm having so much fun I don't wanna stop and go to the toilet and if I get too noisy just put a paci in my mouth to get some sort of quiet and then when I'm sleepy a nice bottle of milk will send me off to dream world

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    I was "2" for the longest time...but...then I grew out of now I'm "3" (even tho' IRL I was out of diapers by the time I was 2).

    I would never want to be an infant...all they do is lay there and stare at the ceiling, unless someone flips them over...the they lay there and look at the wall. Not much fun in that!
    I'm still young enough for cuddles and being cared for, but old enough to go potty, and play (interactively) with toys and others.

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    I'm 3, but still in diapers

    I wouldn't want to be an infant, there just isn't as much to explore/ do!

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    2 years old i cant really talk still need my diapers can play with some toys and still need my binkie and sleeper

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    My little age is always moving around and changing even right during the same day/night. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a young child that still needs diapers for some reason... (think maybe age seven or eight) and other times I feel like I'm 2-5 years old. The weird thing is that I've known I've been an AB (without the words) since I was younger than some of the ages I regress to.

    Oh and also sometimes I feel more like a little boy than a little girl. I don't even know what the word is for that because it's not a 'sissy' - that doesn't make sense. When I was a kid I was always more into boy things, though, and I hated my Barbies.

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    5 years old, almost keep calling my mom mommy every time

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    i am 2 years old and i still need diapers and most things done for me

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