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Thread: My homemade cloth diaper collection...

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    Default My homemade cloth diaper collection...

    These are my homemade fitted cloth diapers with velcro fasteners. They are so easy to make, custom fitted of course, and most important, they work real well. I only learned to sew a couple of months ago, and if I can do it, anyone can!!!

    These are made of cotton flannel...print on the outside, and plain white on the inside. The soaker between the two layers is made of four layers of microfiber that is roughly 2/3 of the length of the diaper. They have elastic at the legs and on the back waist. They are tapered, so there is more width in the back...not a true hourglass shape, but more fitted. They cost about $8 - $10 per diaper...a real bargain when you consider how much they cost online.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want more info on how I do these. If you are considering cloth, you should seriously consider making your own. I'm quite proud of these and want to show them off.

    Have a lot of fun!!!

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    That's a good looking assortment of diapers. I like your Pooh Bear prints. Are you going to make any more and if so keep us informed.

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    Yes, I plan on making more. Including the one cloth diaper I got from ABU, I now have seven cloth diapers, obviously enough for a week, but I love sewing these, so more are on the way. The Pooh print is my favorite...I've always loved Pooh, and could not wait to make Pooh print diapers. Now I've got to get more plastic pants.

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    Default Sv: My homemade cloth diaper collection...

    Should be nice to see some pictures.

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    Pictures? And maybe an Instructable or something? Thanks!

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    dgslave98....there is actually a good instructabe article here on ADISC at I used this article and some tutorial videos on YouTube as a guide to make mine. I did modify things just a bit. I use microfiber for a soaker and had to experiment to find a good way to sew four layers of microfiber without breaking needles. If you are interested then check out that article, and if you want to know how I did the microfiber then you can PM me and I'll share my method. I use microfiber rather than flannel layers for the inside soaker because I wear at night, and need the extra absorbency. The microfiber does the trick nicely.

    Also PM me if you want to see some detailed pics of my finished projects.


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