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    Hi dont post much on here but Looking at getting some plastic waterproof pants do these look any good Adult Waterproof Plastic pants Blue or something like Coloured Adult Pull On Waterproof PVC Plastic Baby Diaper Vinyl Nappy Pants | eBay or does any one know any where to get some that are good??

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    yay, well they look like the real mccoy right enough...

    however I personally hate PVC Plastic pants, and believe them to be rather high up the list of unpleasant / uncomfortable garments available out there... so yuck, I stay the f... away from PVC pants.

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    what would any one recommend if the pvc ones are not very good?

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    I personally like plastic or PVC pants. There more babyish than the PUL ones. Its pretty much a matter of personal preference. I like these: Brand New Semi-Transparent Adult Baby Comco Vinyl Plastic Pants, which are on ebay. There durable and work very well and comfortable. I have some others but they tore easy and really didn't last. Mommy's Baby Pants on ebay has some nice ones too. Like I said, Its really just a matter of preference. Hope this helps.

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    Ive bought from this company, a pair of bikini Low Cut plastic snap on pants great for when trying to be discreet around friends and stuff ) and a pair of regular side snap plastic pants. Great For night time wear ! only had 2 leaks in them when in bed BUT this is only because ive wet my self on side and gravity , so pull ons would be better for this, as for none lying down use there perfect, and have never leaked, use so far regular use over 12 months, may be 10 months, never really get hot a sweaty, but could be better i give them 8 out off ten

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    I personally like "baby pants" classic white because they are exactly like I wore for real. They have a pastel blue, but the ones they sent were "gray" high top. THey are good but they do get warm. I would give them a 8 out of 10

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    I don't like PVC because they are a pain to care for. You really can't put them in the washer or dryer...they cannot take the heat. I personally like PUL best...they can take hot water and heat from the dryer quite well, are durable, and they work very well.

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    For me the vinyl plastic pants last a very long time like years. Every morning I simply wash it in the bathtub (including the elastics) using a Dove bar soap, give it a good rinse and hair dry which remove all the urine smell. After several months, if the vinyl hardens (mainly around the leg, waist openings and front), I apply a thin coat of liquid plastic softener on the vinyl (not the elastics) and seal the pant in a Ziplock bag for 24 hours. The plastic pant then becomes super soft and will last another couple of years or more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DL2326 View Post
    For me the vinyl plastic pants last a very long time like years.
    I, too, like the vinyl ones. I've got a pair of the 4mil standard-rise pants by Gary Manufacturing, sold as InControl Comfort Regular by Changing Times (they're sold elsewhere and under other brands, too). They're thin, soft, have enclosed elastics (you really want that), and have lasted about a year and a half now with no signs of wear.

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    Google baby kins i,m been very happy with there thicker mill plastic mine have lasted 3 years just now needing a new pair .:-)

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