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Thread: Working on my CCNA, anyone else have any certification experience?

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    Default Working on my CCNA, anyone else have any certification experience?

    Because I missed doing homework when I came home from work at night

    So far I'm surprised at how much I remember from my university and how useful what they taught me was. Especially the hands on labs with the routers/switches that I swore I'd never use.

    I bought the router and switch off ebay for 20$ each to help me practice on the IOS part as well as keep me on task (it's impossible to make a financial investment without being emotionally attached in some way or another).

    Does anyone else have any experience working on certs? I anticipate this one taking me about a year or so to work through the book and find as much practice material online as I can. I know it's thinking a bit ahead but after that I'd like to try to get an SQL server cert or maybe go for the CCNP though I'm getting ahead of myself there.

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    I hadn't heard of the CCNA or CCNP until this post - cool stuff, and lots of jobs in that field!

    I've made a couple of runs at getting my A+ cert years ago , but the costs and my own scatterbrained nature made me lose focus. Lately I've been setting my sights on the pricey Zend PHP certification, but I've been reading that it might be a bit useless - of course the articles I've been reading were wildly biased.

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