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Thread: Need some school advice

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    Default Need some school advice

    I have no roommate this semester and I'd really like to buy some real diapers. My suite mates are always super courteous about knocking most of the time, and the trash room is just in the other room. I'm still just kind of uneasy about buying good diapers. What say you guys?

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    Ah, school memories...that's where I learned the fine art of stealth. The thing to remember is: no one suspects anything, and you're not doing anything wrong. The way you act is huge. If you're casual, no one will even think you could have a secret.

    As for the practicals, your best friend is a knapsack. Everyone carries one, and they're the best way to covertly transport diapers. Bring an empty knapsack to the store and use that to bring your diapers home. If youre thinking online, same idea - bring your knapsack to the mailroom. Don't toss your used ones in the trash - plastic bag them and toss them in a public trash can on campus. I'd suggest an outdoor one to avoid torturing others with the smell, especially if you mess.

    For storage, a drawer or under your bed is probably fine if your dorm mates know the concept of privacy. If not, just explore your campus a bit. There's bound to be a few out-of-the-way spots you can stash your diapers. I used a covered alley behind the library and never had problems.

    I hope some of this helps!

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    I always kept mine in my closet, under a pile of laundry. I never got good ones while i was in college, mostly goodnites, underjams, depends pullups, and certainty refastenables every once in a while. I never wore outside my suite and RARELY outside of my bedroom. For a while I kept my goodnites in my dresser like regular underwear, of course under the regular underwear. Like adventurer said, just don't act like you have a secret, and you won't seem like you have a secret. Your roommates will be none the wiser.

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    I second this using a back pack. Thats what I did to sneak in diapers into my dorm room!

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    the backpack was how I got mine in too. Once there it was to the closet.

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    I am a college student and I just ordered some diapers. I do have a roommate. I am keeping them on the top shelf of my closet, in plastic shopping bags which I then put into other containers (a traveling bag, a plastic storage box). I bought some plastic bags to dispose of them. I will probably bring them outside of my dorm building to dispose of them... since they're already bagged they can be easily transported in my backpack.

    I managed to bring mine into my room in the shipping box without being seen. My plan, if I were seen, was to say that my grandmother had sent me a care package. The box was probably a little large for this excuse (about 1.5 ft on a side), but I'd bought a lot of snack/candy sort of things at Target to cover.

    Since you don't have a roommate, you probably won't have much trouble with wearing. I will probably not change in my dorm because my roommate and I have very similar schedules and so can be around the room at similar times. There are a lot of single-use bathrooms on my campus, though.

    I ordered Abena M2s because my situation doesn't really lend itself to wetting heavily and I'll be wearing mostly during the day. They are pretty discreet so far. They make no sound under jeans. I can wear boxers over them in case my shirt rides up.

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    so, you guys are saying go for it then?

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    You have a single room and your suitemates respect your privacy, so I don't think it's too risky. If you have a good plan for getting them into your room, go for it.

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    Some backpacks have a little compartment inside the largest pocket closest to your back. Nobody really uses them, so why would you, right...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverKnow View Post
    You have a single room and your suitemates respect your privacy, so I don't think it's too risky. If you have a good plan for getting them into your room, go for it.
    I was just thinking of ordering some diapers online, and since its discreet just have them shipped to the dorm. The desk people while students just keep packages behind the desk until I can get it.

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