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    ok so my first day with bambino diapers and holy damn im very impressed they hold a ALOT of liquid and best of all they dont leak

    this is the first time since i was 12 and had goodnites that ive had a diaper that i can pee heavily in any position without having to worry bout leaks. So awesome. me thinks ill have an uninterupted XBOX Live marathon now.

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    the only thing i dont like is that they are plastic and NOISY. but its manageable

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    I must have missed it, what Bambinos did you get? From what I understand, they're supposed to be plastic and noisy. I have envy

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    teddys, i may not be an AB persay (i enjoy small bits and pieces but my prefered age in my life was 6 not baby or todler) but i love teddy bears and still have my first one i got when i was 3 well actually to be correct my Son has it i gave it to him this year for his fourth birthday and since then it hasnt left his sight.

    like ive said elsewhere i live with someone i dont want to find out (namely my son) so no noise will be great but when you get to diapers as specific as AB/DL geared diapers you really have no choice but to go with wat the majority wants and i understand that but i wish i could find a diaper similar to these but soft and silent like kids diapers are.

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    I'm a cloth wearer, but the newer cloth backed Abena M4 might be what you're looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'm a cloth wearer, but the newer cloth backed Abena M4 might be what you're looking for.
    and how might i get those, and is there a place in the USA that will ship the discreetly

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    Quote Originally Posted by slothalothagus View Post
    I do believe that bambino sells the m4s
    yes they do cool ill try those next

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    I find the cloth-like M4s a little too bulky because the breathable sides stretch and sag under the weight too easily (unlike the plastic-backed M4s). But somehow the cloth-like M3s seem to fit better and sag a bit less, but they still hold a lot.

    Anyway, if you want something as good as a Bambino diaper but without the crinkle, I reckon you'll like either the Abena M3 or M4 as others have said.

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    to be honest id really like a cloth backed pullup style with similar absorbancy and leak protection but sadly any pull up i have ever wore in my life, with the exception of Goodnites when i was small, severly lacked in leak protection and absorbancy both depends, tena underwear, and all local store brands suck at leak protection. for me they only do wat theyre supposed to while standing up and not moving. other than that if sitting or laying piss goes everywhere except the diaper. bed/couch/chair/or where ever im at and clothes soaked not entirely pleasent. i may have not minded wearing wet and messed clothes as a kid but in the 10 years ive been using the toilet ive come to enjoy being clean and dry.

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