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    My boss patted me on my back and told me to have a good weekend i said ouch to him he told me i thought you were a big boy we laughed but in my head i was look only if you new im a AB anyone else have a story similar to mine?

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    my old boss once put me in a headlock till i bout passed out, fucking rich people think they can do wat they want to people.

    the jackass's name was Craig Small owner and CEO of United Propane Gas (UPG) some people in the mid-west and deep southern parts of the USA might reconize the company name. i worked at the Headquarters in KY as a mechanic for the company trucks.

    but there every one always treated me like a kid as i was the youngest the next youngest person other than me was the shop foreman and he was 38.

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    At my old job, my office clerk told me to go get changed when my shift ended. Another time I was chatting to another office clerk and I made a comment about using the bathroom and she told me I never need to use it and I don't even have to. I don't remember her exact words. I have always wondered if they were referring to my diapers but I never asked for clarification about what do they mean. Too embarrassed.

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    tehe, I did that to my boyfriend at one point. He is AB and also a few weeks younger than I. Someone asked us who was older and my response was "he is the baby." When that person left we laughed at my word choice.

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